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Rare 100% Kona Coffee May Become More Expensive

Hawaiian Gourmet Coffee Threatened
by Joe Jiminez
March 20, 2011

Hawaiian 100% Kona Gourmet Coffee is one of the most prized and expensive coffees among coffee cognoscenti and it is being threatened with a pest infestation on the big island of Hawaii. According to a news release distributed by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDOA) warning of the possible infestation by the Coffee Borer Beetle (CBB). The coffee borer beetle is an established pest on Jamaican coffee farms and is controlled effectively there by methods recommended by the HDOA.

The HDOA suggests clearing the ground of fallen coffee cherries beneath coffee trees and incinerating them to rid the area of male beetles. Female borer beetles are thought to lay eggs inside the coffee cherry, once the larvae hatch, females fly away and males appear to remain inside the hard shell of the coffee cherry to consume the coffee beans.

The possible infestation is of great concern on the estimated 600 small family-run coffee farms growing Kona Coffee in the Hawaiian growing region. Most Kona coffee growers own farms of less than 5 acres and have limited resources to combat the pest effectively. CBB traps are being made by Konawaena High School Ag Department and sold for $1.50 each. The bait is a mixture of ethanol and methanol inside plastic containers, which are sometimes painted red to attract the beetles.

Gourmet Coffee Retailer Tastes of the World has secured a good supply of 100% Kona Coffee for this season but warns of potential price increases that could occur if the CBB infestation expands and threatens supply in coming seasons. They just began selling Kona Gourmet coffee on their web site and were dismayed to learn of possible future shortages.

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