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Canadian Gardeners: David Austin Roses

Now Available by Mail Order
by Sally Ferguson
March 6, 2011

Attention Canadian gardeners: effective immediately David Austin Roses is open for Canadian mail-order business at

"We're happy to announce that Canadian gardeners can now place mail orders for bare root roses via our catalogue or Web site for direct shipment of more than 120 different varieties of David Austin English Garden Rose varieties," says Michael Marriott, technical manager of David Austin Roses in Shropshire, England. "Currently Canadian orders will be fulfilled via our U.S. catalog and Website sales.

Simultaneously David Austin has announced its first collection of own-root roses, now also available to Canadian gardeners by mail order for bare root delivery. In 2011, David Austin offers ten varieties of English Garden Roses on their own roots. The full North American collection continues to be offered as grafted stock.

Order Bare Root Roses Early to Ensure Availability Now is the time to order bare root roses, according to Marriott, to ensure the widest possible selection. Canadian orders will be shipped in late April.

Says Marriott, "The time to plant bare root roses is when they will root best, thus ensuring best performance for the life of that rose." The correct planting window in any area, he says, is when the ground is no longer frozen but is cool and pliable, not overly-wet and clammy, and daytime air temperatures are under 20° C. Planting during the optimal window gives the plant the time and energy to establish strong roots, he says.

Bare root roses are live plants that are shipped without any soil, in special packing material that keeps the roots damp and healthy. They arrive ready for planting directly into the garden.

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When roses arrive, first check to make sure they made the journey okay. The roses will have no leaves or flowers, but the stalks should be firm and healthy, the roots damp with no signs of rot or fungus. If all is in order, re-seal the box and store it in a cool, frost-free spot until you are ready to plant. Storing cool is important, never store bare root roses in a heated room.

Immediately prior to planting, the roots of bare root roses should be soaked in cool water for several hours or overnight. The plants may be totally submerged, canes and all, if desired. While not optimal, the plants may be soaked for several days, generally without harm.

All David Austin roses sold in the North America are specially selected for North American growing conditions and climate zones. David Austin Roses ships its famous English Garden Roses from its USA growing fields in Tyler, Texas.

David Austin's award-winning catalog, The Handbook of Roses, is a rose lovers' delight, available at no charge. To order, visit, call 1-903-526-1800, or write to David Austin Roses Limited, 15059 State Highway 64 West, Tyler, Texas 75704.

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