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February 15, 2011

TidBits of Information

  • Niagara Parks School of Horticulture Gathering - Part 1
    The Niagara School of Horticulture gathered late last week and here’s the first half of my report on the get-together. by Art Drysdale

  • Our infamous gardener from Scotland brings you up to date with the latest "Duck & Cover" episode...

  • Cook with what you have…a very nice blog on using what you have in season…how about using winter greens to make pesto? See it here

  • The quest to make gardening child's play - Massive Seattle show looks to capture enthusiasm, imagination of young green fingers

  • I would like to mention my exceptional garden centre here on PEI. It's called Kool Breeze Farms. They have 14 greenhouses now, a demo garden, a store, and lots of friendly staff. They do decorate and have contests in autumn, for Thanksgiving/Halloween/autumn. They also have lovely displays of Christmas decorations, including unique wreaths. Plus, the place smells wonderful since they started selling real Christmas trees out of one greenhouse! Mmmm! The fragrance! In spring and summer Kool Breeze has lots of gorgeous statuary, pots, and hanging baskets outside. And the natural scenery ... they're located at the mouth of the Wilmot River, which flows into the Northumberland Strait. I've been to all the greenhouses on PEI, and Kool Breeze Farms outshines them all. Maybe we can add them to your website somehow, to enlarge the range to include eastern maritime Canada?

    Anyway ... just wanted to blow their horn for them, and pass on the the info.

    Your continuing fan,
    Sunny Gallant

    (from Donna, it is my pleasure to add this to the links area, and I hope others will feel the same way and extend thanks for a great garden center in their area!)

  • The Nefarious Aphid

    Green. Yellow. Winged. Not winged. The aphid comes in many guises, but you'll know it by the swath it leaves behind.

    If a plant has a sticky sheen, you notice white particles on leaves and stems, and a closer inspection reveals bugs standing around, you've got aphids. One of the more common pests, aphids pierce tender leaves with their mouths, suck out the sap, and secrete a sticky substance called honeydew in their wake. Not surprisingly, this can do a lot of damage.

    You can solve an aphid problem several ways. Rub them off the leaves by hand. Spray them off with a sharp stream of water, or a very diluted solution of water and oil (neem is good), or water and soap - insecticidal, or something mild like Dr. Bronner's. Most importantly, make sure your plant has everything its growing guidelines call for: enough light? the right pH? not too much water?

    Lastly, consider introducing some aphid-devouring friends, such as assassin bugs, aphidius wasps, or everyone's favorite, ladybugs. With a little effort, you can beat your aphids. Your plants will thank you for it! (From our friends at All Season Plants )

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