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March 6, 2011



Looking for great gardens in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and other countries? Need to interview experts on native landscape design, rain gardens, sustainable landscaping, curb appeal or other landscape design solutions? Then APLD is your source for inspiration and design. They "define landscape design"! Founded in 1989, the APLD is an international organization representing over 1,300 professional landscape designer members. Its goal is to advance landscape design as an independent profession and to promote the recognition of landscape designers as highly qualified, dedicated professionals.



American Beauties Native Plants® offers a select collection of native perennials, grasses, vines, trees and shrubs that attract wildlife and look great in the garden. Native plant and wildlife experts have simplified native plant gardening by creating four theme gardens in the landscape that provide food and natural habitat that attract desirable wildlife and offer plants that grow well in varying conditions. The Bird, Butterfly, Dry Shade, and Moist Sun gardens contain the hardiest and best adapted native plants for each region, generally requiring less water and no pesticides. Portions of all American Beauties Native Plants® sales supportthe National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and their Certified Wildlife Habitat™ Program.


Founded in 1912, today Briggs Plant Propagators is one of the world's leading woody ornamental growers, producing more than 9 million plants each year. The wholesale nursery is a leading pioneer in the production of woody ornamentals, grasses and perennials; has the largest tissue culture (micropropagation) laboratory for woody ornamentals in the United States; and is the leading introducer and grower of rhododendrons in the world! Recognized as a premium quality introducer of a wide range of other broad leaf evergreens and deciduous flowering plants including kalmias, azaleas, lilacs and perennials, Briggs Plant Propagators grows over 1,000 plant varieties and has earned the reputation as the "growers choice" for plants.



Campania International is a leading manufacturer, distributor and wholesaler of fine garden accents including cast stone, polyethylene and terra-cotta, glazed, cast iron, and resin garden art. Campania has built its reputation on fine quality products, timely, efficient, & informative customer service in addition to its unique collection of original copyrighted designs. Campania offers original designs, exclusive collections and high-end imports.



Both avid and beginner gardeners appreciate the superior design of Centurion products. Centurion quality starts with engineering that incorporates the latest ergonomic research and continues throughout manufacturing with the finest materials and strictest tolerances possible. Designed for everyone, Centurion offers garden and outdoor living products that are durable, safe, and a pleasure to use year after year.Garden industry experts Bill Freimuth, Marc Tittel, and Chester Tsai, who together have more than 50 years' experience in the lawn & garden business and know the tool category inside and out, joined forces in 2008 to design and manufacture garden tools that produce more cutting force with less effort at a price within the reach of everyday gardeners.



Costa Farms was founded in 1961 by José Antonio Costa. The business, which began with a few acres, is now a 3rd generation family business with over 3,000 employees spread over 2,600 acres in Florida, North Carolina, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and the Far East. Today, Costa Farms is America's largest producer of indoor plants and second largest bedding plant supplier in the nation. Costa's research and development continues to ensure exceptional foliage and color. "O2 for You - Plants with a Purpose," (public service campaign) has received national and regional media attention and accolades on the health benefits of indoor plants. From annuals and perennials, to shrubs and trees, Costa Farms is dedicated to providing simply the best.



Hines Nurseries® LLC is one of the largest commercial nurseries in North America. Spanning 4,000+ acres strategically located throughout the U.S., Hines has nurseries in Arizona, California, Texas and Oregon. As of January 2009 Hines Nurseries LLC purchased certain of the assets of the former Hines entities. The Company successfully emerged from bankruptcy with less debt and has begun regaining leadership position in the horticulture industry. With state-of-the-art propagation houses, climate and controlled greenhouses, specialized plug/liner production and in-ground production, customers are assured of the broadest and best assortment of plants - all from one grower.



For over thirty years Imports Unlimited Corporation has been recognized for their eco-friendly high-quality all natural coir and recycled rubber doormats featuring bright colors, classic designs and innovative graphics. Known for their welcoming designs, brilliant art, clean graphics in more than 200 patterns, the company is a trendsetter for designer doormats, offering a strong, stylish, and affordable solution for any doorway.



NatraTurf provides all-natural, safe and chemical -free products for lawns, gardens, sports fields and golf courses. With over 20 years of supplying safe and chemical free soil amendments to farmers, NatraTurf now offers a wide range of products for the turf industry and homeowners. From turf professionals to homeowners, their high quality natural products focus on soil, turf and the environment. Their new organic product, SpotGone! reduces and eliminates lawn burn spots caused by pet urine and de-icers. The all natural & OMRI-listed product is safe to use around kids and pets and allows grass to grow in healthy, green and lush.



New Biology has introduced a new spray to keep roses healthy and strong. Jaz™ Rose Spray ( naturally reduces damage from disease and common environmental stresses. This new plant strengthening spray with jasmonate -- that's naturally occurring in plants -- provides increased resistance to disease, drought, and temperature extremes. Recently endorsed by the American Rose Society (ARS), Jaz™ Rose Spray boosts your plant's natural resistance to environmental stress and encourages vigorous roots, growth and blooms.New Biology founders and staff have knowledge of and backgrounds in horticulture and plant biochemistry. The team is excited to bring useful science and discoveries directly to the gardening market.The company's mission is to make growing plants more successful, inspiring and gratifying with practical and safe plant growing solutions.



The Organic Mechanics Soil Company, LLC was founded in 2006 by a compost soil scientist with a passion for the environment and a commitment to teaching gardeners about a better, more eco-friendly way to garden. As an organic potting soil manufacturing and distribution business, Organic Mechanics offers home gardeners the best earth-friendly potting soil on the market at a reasonable price. The company's all-purpose, peat-free, organic potting soil is available in retail garden centers, natural food stores, farmers markets, and botanical gardens from Boston to Miami.

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