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The CLIVIA Have Arrived
February 15, 2011

The CLIVIA Have Arrived

Every once in awhile an extraordinary bulb or plant arrives.

Something beyond expectations, something never seen before,
something beyond even the top quality we always strive for.

Our four new varieties of Clivia plants arrived this week.

They are the best plants we’ve ever seen; better even than last year.
And among them is the breathtaking orange-flowered VARIEGATED CLIVIA.

Everyone here was absolutely gobsmacked when we opened the boxes.

These plants are seldom offered anywhere and when they are
they sell for hundreds of dollars; cheaper ones are young seedlings.

Our plants are HUGE and an absolute bargain.

The name may not grab you but one look at the plants certainly will.
The lustrous, dark green foliage is boldly streaked with creamy white.

The pattern on the leaves varies from plant to plant.

These are evergreen plants that thrive on neglect,
that will bloom for weeks beginning in late winter
and that live so long you should put them in your will.

So if you were thinking about ordering one, order is fast!





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