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January 15, 2011


My wife, father and I started Gardenimport way back in 1983 because we couldn't find the quality or selection of bulbs and plants we wanted for our gardens. Since that time we've enjoyed bringing the best of the best growers and hybridizers from around the world to Canadian gardeners from coast to coast.

We're in the quality business and won't compromise.

Dugald Cameron

We've got over 170 new introductions for Spring 2011. Many are exclusive and ALL ARE FABULOUS. We're sure there's something you've been looking for and couldn't find anywhere else.


Good things take time. At least that's what my mother always told me, and this year we have over 170 new, (pardon my bias) REALLY good things for you to enjoy. This many new good things has taken a little more time to pull together and for this I apologize, but they're truly worth waiting for.

As you may know, we take great pride in our selection of new and older-but-overlooked bulbs, seeds and plants for your garden. This year we've outdone ourselves with over 170 introductions, some of which we've been after for many years, while others performed so well in our trials last year that we simply HAD to have them.

For the next several weeks my newsletters will feature many of our new selections, but in the meantime I'll outline some of our highlights.

Gardening in containers of all kinds is a rapidly-growing new way of gardening. There are many gardeners who've either run out of room or have only a balcony or deck as available space. Novice gardeners may be intimidated at starting a large garden and find it easier to start a garden in pots. So to help out, we've added a great number of items for growing in containers, including a whole series of vegetables selected for containers.

Continuing with the container theme we've got a series of new tropical plants, ideal for container growing, ranging from Bananas, Elephant Ears, Coreopsis and Stonecrop to Papyrus. There are many new varieties of familiar perennials like our gorgeous new Delphinium MOONLIGHT BLUES, Chrysanthemum MATCHSTICKS, Coreopsis GALAXY, COSMIC EYE and HEAVEN'S GATE, all of which make great additions to containers. Then there are 4 new Echinacea, 3 new Hollyhocks, 2 new Ferns, 5 new Hellebores, new Heuchera, Heucherella ...


Agapanthus do best in pots and we've got 2 new ones, BLACK BUDDHIST and BLUE HEAVEN. Our Calla trials last year were the best ever because we discovered BLACK STAR. This remarkable Calla is by far the best black-flowered variety and has striking foliage too. Then there are the 10 new Dahlias, Eucomis ALOHA LEIA and 2 fabulous new Nerines, BIANCA PERLA and ISABEL.

Perhaps best of all is our addition of 4 more Solomone Clivia, including a very choice and rare VARIEGATED ORANGE!



Not to be outdone by the other sections of our catalogue and website, our shrubs and vines section boasts an exclusive new dwarf Buddleia PURPLE HAZE and 10 exclusive new Clematis, including a very exciting new red-flowered variety called JOHN HOWELLS. Clematis are delightful in pots and too few gardeners take advantage of this.



As one of the oldest and most respected seed companies in the world and the number one seed supplier in England (a country of gardeners), Suttons have always been into the latest trends; right now that's container vegetables. These Suttons varieties have been carefully selected to perform superbly grown in pots, a technique the vegetable-loving Brits have been practicing for years.



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