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January 15, 2011

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Thinking spring? I know many are especially when the forecast calls for several inches of snow, or in my case today, freezing rain.

So if you are stuck inside due to the weather, and your patio or deck is just covered under snow, CLICK HERE and begin planning your early spring containers. These combinations are able to withstand cold, outdoor temperatures weeks before regular spring annuals can survive. And keep in mind that Easter is in late April this year, so you’ll want everything looking your best during the Easter egg hunt in the backyard, or as guests arrive at the front door for Easter dinner. Here are a few that use Easter colors for you to consider:

DRAMA IN PINK—Here is a combination with an interesting mix of columbine, English daisy and primula. Bright and colorful with some center height that catches the eye.

HAPPILY EVER AFTER—Did you ever consider using live plants for a wedding? This one offers color, which you can tailor to the wedding party colors sometimes…or on our website you will also find many all-white combos that might be perfect for that big day. After the ceremony, bring the containers home to enjoy the rest of the season!

SPRING BEAUTY—Soft pastels offer a subtle statement with cool tolerant plants.


Are there any New Year’s resolutions on your list that pertain to gardening? Here are a few to consider as we think ahead to warmer days:

  1. Water more. Even when the humidity is at 100%, and the morning mosquitoes are still out and about, you need to promise to hit the yard and give your containers the much needed moisture they will need to survive the day.
  2. Clean out your containers before planting. Sometimes you might be in a rush, and anxious to just get everything planted to see how it looks. Give your plants a better head start with clean containers, a good combination of great soil, soil amendments and fertilizer.
  3. Feed often. Sometimes you might think a plant is looking a bit leggy because you skipped a day of watering. Proven Winners Supertunias® benefit greatly for a weekly feeding routine and many other plants are the same way. No matter what plants you buy, be sure to follow the recommended feeding schedule noted on the plant tag. Proven Winners plant foods are specially formulated to work especially well with Proven Winners plants. Both the time release and water soluble plant foods from Proven Winners offer just the right nutrients that will help ensure strong color and growth all season long.

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