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Get Creative! Do it Yourself
December 9, 2012

How-To Tips from The Do-It-Yourself

Oh So Simple Centerpiece

This design is perfect for a last minute dinner party or even one that’s been planned long in advance. The beauty of it is that you don’t need to shop for very many materials and it can be assembled in no time.

My container is a serving piece from my china (which will also match your table settings). I pre-soaked a block of floral foam and cut it to fit. Two taper candles fit snuggly in the center. For my foliage, I used salal but just about kind will do. Don’t forget to look in your yard, including trees. Remember to point your greens toward an imaginary X in the center of the foam.

One large bunch of lilies provides a gorgeous focal point that your guests will think you spent a fortune on! Other flowers could be substituted, of course. A Costco rose bouquet would do nicely…25 stems for $14.99. And don’t forget to light the candles!

I’ve just revamped my website, Flowers Made Simple. You’ll now find live video with step-by-step instructions as well as links to highly addictive online floral puzzles. My New Designs page gives you dozens of FREE ideas, most with how-to photos. For lots more FREE step-by-step slideshows, read my articles as The National Do-It-Yourself Florist on

AND for step-by-step instructions on how to create over 50 designs like this, check out my book, ebook and DVD series. These make the perfect gift for:

  • Clients/customers (ask about quantity discounts)

  • Wife, girlfriend, just-a-friend

  • Mom, mother-in-law, step-mom

  • Godmother, Goddaughter, "Like a mom"

  • Daughter, daughter-in-law, grandma, granddaughter

  • Aunt, niece, cousin

  • Guys who like gardening and flowers

  • Friends, club members, co-workers, neighbors

  • Employers, employees

  • Teachers, coaches, dance/music/other instructors

  • Service providers - hairstylist, manicurist, masseuse, mail carrier, etc.

  • Caretakers, doctor/dentist/nurses, therapist

  • Housekeepers, babysitters, dog walkers

  • Hostess and last minute gifts

  • And don't forget yourself!

A gift that truly keeps on giving as recipients learn a new skill that offers a rewarding sense of accomplishment, fulfillment and pride. They’ll think of you every time they use their “flower bible”.

“Flowers Made Simple” Testimonials and Reviews

"It's always hard to find the perfect gift but I know your book will be a hit, based on all the fun ideas I get from your e-mails and web site. I’m excited about giving the first one tomorrow to my friend Sandy for her birthday." Linda Nowlen

“My mom loved your book. The first thing she noticed was the page with the Red Hat centerpiece on it. She's going to use it in January when she hosts her Red Hat group. She's really enjoyed your ideas, and is looking forward to using more of them. I can see more orders in the future.” – Kathleen Smith

“I want to order 8 of your books to give as gifts for the holidays. I know the recipients will love them!” - Karen La Corte

“I just wanted to let you know what a terrific present your book was with my mother-in-law! She just loves it and hasn't stopped talking about all of the flower arrangements that she is making for herself and her friends. She says that flower arranging may very well replace her quilting hobby! Anyway, I just wanted you to know how much she is enjoying the book.” – Janet Conrey

“Flowers Made Simple” is absolutely WONDERFUL! I am blown away at the professionalism of the books appearance, and the ideas are plentiful with many as my favorite! You really have the touch for floral arranging. They are beautiful! Congratulations on your first book!” - Holly Munro

“The packaging is superb, the colours are beautiful and the content is simple and easily digestable. Please keep up the good work!” Demola – Lagos, Nigeria

“These arrangements are lovely and your directions are so easy to follow. Thank you so much.” – Barbara Drewitz

“You are so good at this!! I love your arrangements!” – Grace Wada

“I just love all your fun ideas!” - Jeannine Sacco

"Your book really is easy to follow and understand. Your personal approach makes it seem like you are in the room with the reader." - Estelle Arnold

"I purchased your book and it's FABULOUS! I love it!" - Paula Gray

"I’m looking forward to getting your book. I can’t wait to try some of your creations. Everything you do is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful ideas and instructions for us to try to do the same. I’ve enjoyed getting your e-mails. Thanks again."- Karen Pogue

“Your book turned out beautiful! I love all the bright colors, creative ideas, and straightforward instructions!” – Linda Nowlen

"I looked at about ten other websites about flower arranging and yours was by far the best. If your book is anything like the website, I know I will love it. Unlike others who give mostly written instructions and only one picture, you provide a lot of step-by-step photos that are so easy to follow. And your ideas are really fun and unique. I like the fact that all of your arrangements can be made by the everyday person." - Geneva Hunter

“This book is wonderful. It is like having your own flower tutor in the room with you. I didn’t think I was creative enough to make even the simplest arrangement but this book took me step by step through the process and my arrangements came out beautiful and were so unique. They were the hit of my table at Christmas!!!!! There is also a website which is helpful as well. I signed up for the newsletter and it is so informative. – Andrea Trufan

“LOVE your book! What great ideas. Fantastic job! – Teri Capparelli

“I'm still getting good feedback about the party flowers. The bouquets lasted almost two weeks due to your good advice. Keep up the good work!” – Phyllis Conrey

I really look forward to family gatherings at home so I can try a new themed arrangements using your techniques. And I now look at containers from a different view...

Flowers are now MORE fun !”
Jeanne Katayama

Why not check it out? What have you got to lose?

I’ve been a certified florist and party planner in the Bay Area of California since the year 2000. In addition to being an author, my TV series, "Flowers Made Simple", airs on over 15 public access channels throughout the United States. I’ve also made numerous guest appearances on shows such as “The View from the Bay”, “Sacramento and Company”, “Fox 40 News” and others. I design custom floral arrangements for large corporate events, weddings and private parties. Audiences are captivated when I give live demonstrations at various events, seminars, workshops and book signings.

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