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Proven Winners
November 15, 2010

Proven Winners



Color the Landscape

Nearly 7,000 people drive through the Concord Hospital campus in Concord, New Hampshire each day—and each with a different purpose. But whatever the reason for their visit, John Doiran makes sure that during the warmer months they are greeted by an explosion of color everywhere they turn on this 13-acre campus.

As Grounds Manager and Landscape Designer at Concord, John feels strongly about the importance of bringing color to the landscape—and he feels the best way to do it is with a variety of flowering annual plants. “Studies have shown that people who visit a garden are able to heal faster, and we also believe that our beautiful flower beds add to the overall professional appearance of our hospital campus,” stated John.

Planning begins during the winter months with the goal being to use new color themes in different areas each year. John has been with Concord Hospital for 11 years now, and has used Proven Winners annuals exclusively for the past six. John depends on this brand of plants for their overall quality, performance and lack of required maintenance. “All we have to do is water and fertilize the plants, and the plants take care of the rest” says John. Each year John tends to use sixteen to eighteen different varieties—and a total of two to three thousand plants.

John knows that others in his position are sometimes hesitant to use annuals. “But these plants are wonderful ... your return on the investment is so worth it,” said John. “With annuals there is so much more of an intensive impact to the eye—the time and expense that we invest here at Concord contributes to our overall image as a quality healthcare facility.”

John is well aware of the impact that the colorful landscape has made at Concord Hospital. “I was constantly getting paged to the Visitor’s Center to help people who wanted to know the specifics on a particular plant. Now we just pull the tags out of the containers as we plant them-- and we leave them at the desk for volunteers to handout to those who ask. Next year our hospital is going to produce a brochure illustrating the different plants in the different areas of our landscape. That will make it even easier for our patients and our visitors to enjoy our grounds.”



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