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Accenting the Holidays with Flowers
by pickOntario
December 7, 2014

We frequently tend to deck our halls with glitz and glam, oftentimes to the point of over doing it on the holidays. This year, why not try something more natural but equally as beautiful - accenting with flowers.

One thing that almost every home includes, to brighten up the dull and dreary winter season, is a poinsettia. These plants come in various shades of vibrant reds, and pinks, as well as white. Many florists can add colours to the white poinsettias by adding dyes to their water. This technique gives the flowers endless possibilities to fit in with any holiday décor you may have in your home.

Floral centerpieces are also a great way to add both colour and fragrance to your holiday gatherings. There are many options to accentuate your own personal style. For example, if you prefer more classic decorations, your centerpiece can be made using red gerbera daisies, white hydrangeas, and dark red berries in a vintage vase. For a more whimsical look, you can use red roses, hypericum berries and Christmas greenery, wrapped in wide satin ribbon, and placed in a clear glass vase. If you prefer a country look, simply arranging greenery and evergreen sprigs, along with some moss at the base, and a few pinecones throughout, in a rustic basket will do the trick. Finally, if you are looking for simple but elegant additions to your home add a potted christmas cactus, or some ivy. While these are great ideas, they are also rather generic, and do not incorporate your own personal flair. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for, or are a little indecisive, your local florist can work with you to find the right flowers and colours to best fit your home this season.

If you enjoy home projects, you can purchase berries, flowers and foliage from a florist, then add twigs, sprigs and mini-boughs from the backyard, to create your own bouquets. Using a muted mix of one colour as well as greenery creates an easy elegance.

Trimming your tree this year can be both fun and floral. If you prefer a more natural look, you can highlight the beauty of your green tree by incorporating fresh, vibrant flowers within the branches. This will also make your tree look fuller, as the empty spaces will be bright and colourful. Be sure to get large faced flowers such as poinsettias from your local florist, who can also provide water tubes to go with each stem to keep the flowers in bloom while they are in the tree. For those who simply cannot part with their traditional decorations, that is okay! Adding flowers to the center of your tree will still make it look fuller, and leave lots of room for ornaments on the outer part of the branches. The combination will “wow” your guests this season, while adding a lovely floral aroma to the room.

Incorporating flowers into your decorations is both fun and easy! Florists have a vast amount of knowledge to help you find what will best suit your needs, as well as some great holiday deals, so head over and pay them a visit to brighten up both your season and theirs!

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