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Coaches Balzer and Biggs Parry in Print and in Person
by Donna Balzer
by Donna Balzer


If you somehow missed her on the award winning garden show Bugs & Blooms (now in re-runs on HGTV and around the world), you can catch her in the summer answering listener questions on CBC. Failing that, open the Calgary Herald and you’ll find her on-going gardening column. There’s also a good chance you’ll see her work in either “Garden Life Magazine” or “Canadian Gardening”

Donna’s work has also been recognized through several awards. Her first book “Gardening for Goofs is a Canadian best seller and her second book “The Prairie Rock Garden” received the Carlton R. Worth award for writing. In 2003 Donna received “The Distinguished Agrologist Award” from her peers in Agrology. HGTV’s hit internationally broadcast gardening show “Bugs & Blooms” won Donna and her Co-Host Todd Reichardt the Garden Globe Award for best talent in electronic media in 2002.

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November 7, 2010

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Gardeners and horticulturists Donna Balzer and Steven Biggs team up to present a new series of sensible, myth-busting gardening books:

There isn’t always only one right way to garden. Balzer and Biggs highlight that with their anecdotes and gentle digs at each other. The Calgary-Toronto, grandparent-parent, female-male duo flesh out lots of myths, and get in a few digs in the process.

Biggs says, “Forget the fancy, rotating composters that promise compost in a matter of days. Why complicate something that will take care of itself?”

Balzer disagrees, saying, “Steve, the fancy rotating composters are ideal for women because a pile can get too heavy to turn.”

Balzer and Biggs, who will release the first book in their series, TWO GARDEN GURUS:

Serving up...No Guff Vegetable Gardening, in early 2011, will be entertaining audiences in person starting March 2011.

About Balzer and Biggs: Military brat and farmer’s daughter Donna Balzer has a horticulture degree from the University of Alberta. She has created a busy career as a  freelance garden writer and consultant. Recent large projects include horticultural consulting for historic landscapes including Central Memorial Park and Reader Rock Garden in The City of Calgary.

She is also busy in her client’s back yards and gardens advising on everything horticultural.

As a Garden Writer, Balzer pursues many media venues. Her television show, Bugs & Blooms, is in re-runs on HGTV and around the globe. She answers caller inquiries on CBC radio throughout Alberta and writes local and regional books and articles for magazines and The Calgary Herald. Follow Balzer’s blog at

Steven Biggs has gardened wherever he’s lived, creating allotment gardens, container gardens, indoor gardens, and gardens in the overgrown backyards of rented houses. That love of getting his hands dirty compelled him to get a horticultural science degree from the University of Guelph.

Biggs runs the how-to website , along with a monthly e-zine, Homegrown in Toronto, where he gives readers no-nonsense advice about growing edibles and engaging kids in gardening. As a journalist, he focuses on gardening, farming, and food.

He is a contributing editor to the Canadian farm business magazine Country Guide, and writes frequently for Edible Toronto Magazine and Small Farm Canada magazine. He gardens in Toronto, Canada with his three young children.

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Donna Balzer: (403) 827-6390;;

Steven Biggs: (416) 227-1549;


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