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October 15, 2010

TidBits of Information

  • Dear Donna, Thank you very much for the publicity for the 2010 American Garden Award Winners in your icangarden newsletter dated September 27, 2010. We received over 10,000 votes in the competition this year. We appreciate your assistance in spreading the word about these newest winners. Beth Heidel, Office Assistant, American Garden Award, All-America Selections

  • Thompson Okanagan: Cool climate European grapes make for distinct BC vintages: It wasn’t too long ago that British Columbia seemed an unlikely setting for winemakers looking to produce their own brand of liquid gold. Fast forward to 2010, and you’ve got a province lush with vineyards, including a select few that revel in cool climate varietals. Enter Larch Hills Winery, a family-run operation headed by European-born Jack and Hazel Manser. Situated south of Salmon Arm, Larch Hills Winery specializes in cool climate grape growing, nurturing European varietals not readily available in other parts of BC. Like the delicate and fruity Madeleine Angevine (Mad Angie), the robust Siegerrebe, with its surprising floral notes, and the spiced black cherry Lemberger. Add to this lineup a roster of regulars popular to the province (Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer and Merlot), alongside the winery’s signature Ortega, and you’ve got plenty of reason to raise a glass. We’re thinking the winery’s own tasting bar, with verdant views of the vineyard, is just the spot to sip these cool climate vintages.

  • We have an area on the site that features seating from around the world? They are pictures I have taken from the various gardens I have visited that have interesting seating…

  • This may also interest you…one lady has taken one of my photographs and done a painting…I think it is beautiful and what a compliment…she did it for her parents….

  • 17th Annual Charles Sauriol Environmental Dinner for the Living City On Friday, November 5, 2010, celebrate the International Year of Biodiversity with Honourary Event Chair George Stroumboulopoulos at the 17th Annual Charles Sauriol Environmental Dinner for The Living City©, for an evening of music and comedy with The Second City and The Wilderness of Manitoba. This event celebrates the great conservationist and visionary Charles Sauriol. It is one of Canada’s largest environmental events and raises funds to continue Sauriol’s work of keeping the country green by protecting conservation lands and green space in the Toronto region. All proceeds support The Conservation Foundation of Greater Toronto and Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust to protect ecologically significant lands

  • Shop TBG is now featuring works for sale by local Canadian artists. These include luminous pieces by glass and metal artist Lucy Roussell; Karen Chapelle's steel garden trees and branches, and Mark Clark's whimsical garden sculpture. All are on display now in the shop, and more goods will be arriving every week.

    The year 2011 is designated as the UN's International year of the Forest and to commemorate this, Shop TBG is featuring seven framed tree portraits by renowned photographer Vincenzo Pietropaolo. All proceeds will go toward LEAF's planting and education programs.

  • Paul Zammit, TBG's Director of Horticulture, demonstrates how to create a special fall urn using silver and green colours as inspiration. Trying a different colour palette is always fun. We typically see orange and yellows in fall garden design, but in this video Zammit shows Canadian Gardening web editor Tara Nolan how to build your fall urn with layers of interesting foliage and unusual pumpkins.

    To view this video, go to..

  • Radius Garden announced its award winning hand tools and new Pro-Lite digging tools were featured as "MUST-HAVE GEAR" in Arthritis Today in an article entitled "Get Back in the Garden." In a section aimed at gardeners with hand pain Wanda Evans, a physical therapist at Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic Region in Washington, D.C. says "Ergonomic garden tools can reduce hand pain while increasing the efficiencies of gardening tasks by providing better transfer of power from your hands to the tool."

  • After Growth, Fortunes Turn for Monsanto

  • Does Size Matter?

    "There are approximately 9,000 acres of wine grapes planted in BC, and 710 vineyards. The vast majority of the vineyards are no more than 10 acres (535 or 75%), 95 (13%) are between 10 and 20 acres, 49 (7%) are between 20 and 40 acres, and only 31 (<%5) are larger than 40 acres. Thus we believe that at least 80% of vineyards in British Columbia use manual labour for picking."

  • Want some tips on how to take great Halloween photos? Check this out…

  • “Where People Feast, An Indigenous People’s Cookbook” one of the few indigenous cookbooks that focuses on Native American foods, including the culinary traditions and techniques of those who live along the Pacific Northwest Coast of British Columbia, Canada, is now in its second printing and available for purchase. The cookbook is also available in electronic format for use with the Sony® Reader.

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  • Getting Your Pond Ready for Winter

  • You can harvest winter squash and pumpkins any time they're mature -- that is, when the rinds are too tough to puncture with a thumbnail. Some gardeners wait until a light frost kills back the vines, to allow the squash as much time as possible to mature. To harvest, use a knife to cut the stem an inch or two above the squash or pumpkin. If you didn’t grow any pumpkins this year, visit a local grower or roadside stand. Use them for decorating, plain or painted, carved, and for cooking pies and roasting seeds.

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