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My Two Cents Worth
October 15, 2010

Rain every day it seems, lots of clouds in the sky and you would think I would be weary of it all. I am not. When I lived in Canada it used to bug me when the skies turned cloudy and it rained, but here, for some reason I find it calming. Is it because the rain is warm and even if caught out in it, all you get is wet and not chilling cold? I know I have often said I enjoy the rainy or ‘green’ season more than the dry season…and I do. All is green and lush. The African Tulip Trees continue to open up in brilliant shades of orange, which is kind of strange as they say they need full sun to flower. I bought some canna lilies for the balcony. They are in bloom now and add a nice dash of colour. I will enjoy them and then they can go down to the social area to be planted in the beds around the pool area. One thing I am keeping an eye on is my coconut palm…it sure is happy and tells me that by the growth. Soon I expect to be putting that plant somewhere else as it will outgrow our ceiling!

We had company here for a week ... they came to purchase a condo and will be moving here from Canada. They finally found a place in the same area as we live and their offer was accepted. Now the fun begins as they discover the differences in dealing with another country in real estate. At least we have been through it and have learned from it and can pass that along to them. We have been going out to eat a lot which has been fun. I enjoy trying new places and there are plenty here. We were at Steinbock, a German restaurant this week and our guests ordered this huge platter for the two of them. There was beef, pork, veal, German potatoes and sauerkraut. This could have easily fed four people. Another place is a sushi restaurant just down the street from us, yet another is an Italian place. Lots of choice where we live and if you go into Panama City you will find many fine places to eat.

I am been trying to get caught up in between everything and have managed to finish a brand new tour, ready for booking on the site now, finished the revision of the Thailand tour which looks spectacular – it only has a couple of spaces left but we are all set to go on that one, sorting out Floriade as that is just about full and numerous other things like articles, surfing for new tour ideas…it just never ends. The days fly by and then I fly off some where. Next trip is Morocco to check to make sure that tour will run as smoothly as I envision it to be.

Are you reading the new articles that are put up each Sunday? Are you checking out the garden events and making sure your garden club is listed. These are great areas for you to promote your event or club and oftentimes there are people moving to a new area that use these areas to see what is happening or where a club might can enter your information free, from where ever you are in the world, just as long as it is garden related, we want to know!

Have you got any new plants or tools you want to tell us about? Lots of new introductions every year, but are they really that great? I would love to know your thoughts on them.

Are you Interested in India or South Africa in 2012 – the list is growing for names who are interested so let me know and you will be the first to see these tours when ready for booking. Italy 2012 – names coming In on this too!

Here are the latest on these tours… perhaps I might see you on one!

Perennially Yours English Gardens & Hampton Court Palace Flower Show Tour
July 2 – 10, 2011

Have a look at the revised Thailand tour…


Floriade 2012 – World Horticultural Expo Garden Tour Including Keukenhof
April 19th – 27th, 2012 is just about full!

As you know I did a press trip to Ireland and here are some pictures to go through, recap will be done soon!

The tour will be London based for 8 nights – May 22-30th, 2012. If you want information as soon as ready for booking, send me an email on that.

Some of you have asked if there is a web version of the newsletter - yes there is and here is the link to it

Until November...

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