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New Product for Applying Granular Fertilizer
by Robert Fowler
October 17, 2010

Rittenhouse is importing a new device from Europe to help nurseries, greenhouses, landscapers and farmers apply granular products in measured amounts.

In response to the growing demand for a tool that accurately applies granular materials, Rittenhouse has imported a quantity of backpack granular applicators from Europe called the Fertil dispenser. The Fertil dispenser is used by the nursery and forestry industries as well as garden centers, fruit and vegetable growers to apply granular fertilizers easily and accurately.

The Fertil dispensers are not only easy, but also efficient to use, and will increase productivity by up to 4 times while reducing operator fatigue. Up to 1500 plants per hour can be treated. Since granular product sits waiting in the tip of the dispensing wand, there is no delay when the thumb trigger is pressed. The product is instantly dispensed to the desired target. Adjustments can be made to regulate the amount of product being dispensed: between 2 and 25 grams. This will help ensure that the correct amount of product is being applied, therefore reducing waste. In addition to efficiency, the ergonomically molded backpack will fit comfortably on the operator’s back, reducing strain. The oversized straps can be adjusted to comfortably fit each individual operator.

The Fertil despensers are made in Europe from high-quality materials. The 19 litre hopper is made from durable molded plastic and the wand is made from sturdy PVC with stainless steel components. The flexible hose that feeds the wand from the hopper can be cut and shortened to suit each individual operator, further increasing comfort. The shoulder straps are made from durable, yet comfortable nylon.

Help increase productivity while decreasing waste and operator fatigue with the Fertil dispenser granular applicator. Rittenhouse has them in stock and ready to ship, and as always backs them up with outstanding customer service and support. The Fertil granular dispenser is easily UPS shipable.

Rittenhouse carries and manufacturers a wide range of goods and tools for the landscaping, greenhouse and nurseries industries. As well as providing high quality gardening tools to avid gardeners. Rittenhouse is located in Canada and serving the North American market since 1914.

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