Canada Blooms 2011

Mark the Date!
by Canada Blooms
October 10, 2010

``I got rhythm...Who could ask for anything more?``

Yes, we've got "Rhythms" at Canada Blooms 2011. The theme of this year's Flower and Garden Festival celebrates the rhythms of music, gardens, time, and life itself! The vibrant, oh-so-fresh magnolia, which appears on posters and newsletters, symbolizes nobility and love of nature the very essence of Canada Blooms. Artistic Director Colomba Fuller says exciting plans are underway for this year's festival, which is celebrating 15 spectacular years of passionate landscaping displays and floral design. Experience the Green for Life project, a testament to group cooperation, where over 40 members of Landscape Ontario join together to create a stunning entrance garden. Explore breath-taking creations from Canada's Professional Florists and Tour Canada's Largest Floral Competition showcasing wondrous, creative displays from Ontario and around the world!

Canada Blooms has been designated as One of the Top Events in North America by the American Bus Association. One of only 10 Canadian events named in this category, Canada Blooms was chosen from a record number of more than 650 event nominations submitted by ABA members. The attractiveness of Canada Blooms as a don't-miss entertainment value is only part of why its selection this year is such a distinction for Canada Blooms," said Peter J. Pantuso, ABA's president and CEO. "The real news here is that Canada Blooms has been recognized as a potential magnet for tourism dollars, at a time when reenergizing domestic tourism is so important to our spirit and our economy."

In addition, Canada Blooms has also been named as One of the Top 100 Events in Ontario by Festivals and Events Ontario, a distinction presented to a select few of the over 2,000 events that occur annually in theprovince. Canada Blooms was also recognized as a Festival of Distinction, an honour presented to a selected group of the most well-known and respected celebrations in Ontario.

We are very pleased to announce that our 2011 floor plan is now online. Canada Blooms is growing! Due to huge demand Canada Blooms will increase its floor space by 25% for 2011. If you have a garden, floral or backyard product that would be a great addition contact Gilles Bouchard today. Our 2010 Marketplace exhibitors were very excited about last year's success, click to see a video of exhibitor testimonials.

We also have some great sponsorship and promotional opportunities available, contact Gerry Ginsberg to find out more.

Thank you to all of the Great Volunteers who devoted their time and energy in making our 2010 a great success!

We invite you to once again join us as a volunteer at our 15th Anniversary Celebration. Share your passion for gardening and floriculture with the thousands of guests who attend Canada Blooms each year. Scheduling for volunteers is flexible – morning, afternoon or evening shifts are available. It's easy to volunteer – just complete the online volunteer application form or update your file if you're a returning volunteer. Go to our website – and sign up today!

Bringing Plants in from the Cold: Most tropical houseplants thrive on spending the summer outside but they must be brought indoors before the first frost. To avoid bringing any unwanted visitors indoors with my plants I submerge each into a tub of lukewarm water deep enough so that the water goes over the top rim of the pot (bugs can't swim!). Then, after a 10 minute soak, each plant drains on the patio while I spray thoroughly with a soapy solution. (That's soap, not detergent). After I hose off the soap, and I've done a visual inspection for any unusual looking critters, the plants come inside. It's normal for tropical houseplants to experience their own 'fall', and drop a few yellow leaves, particularly older, more mature ones. As long as the young, newest leaves continue to look healthy I don't worry at all.

Follow Horticultural Expert Charlie Dobbin on The Garden Show, Saturdays 9am-10am on AM740, and don't miss her presentation at Canada Blooms 2011 on the Celebrity Stage!

Plan for Christmas now! Canada Blooms tickets are great holiday gifts and will be available for purchase online and at the Canada Blooms office in November.

Looking for a Bus Tour from your area to Canada Blooms 2011? Visit our website starting December 1st to review a list of tour companies who are organizing tips to our 15th Anniversary Festival. Remember to check regularly for updates and bonus offers from participating partners like the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and the Seasons Christmas Show.

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