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My Two Cents Worth
September 15, 2010

Did you miss me? I wondered if you noticed that the newsletter is going out a bit later than usual, but perhaps not with all the garden preparations you are doing now. Did you get any new plants to put in? Make sure you give them enough time to set down some roots before the snow falls if it does in your area. Some of you don’t have to worry about that and may be planting cooler crops now because the temperatures have lowered. We do live in a world where gardening in such a joy and challenge don’t we.

Since the last issue I have been on two trips, one a press media trip to Ireland and the other a buyers trip to Thailand. Those trips are great because they allow you to see what the country has to offer – kind of one stop shopping – and was it a fantastic trip? It sure was as I was also able to double check the places we are visiting on the Thailand tour (January 2011) in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai. I am so excited to share this tour with those coming with me…this is one beautiful country and the people are so warm and welcoming and I had a taste of the shopping while there – incredible!. I do have some spaces left if you have been thinking about it and have not decided yet. Decide now to come with me!

My trip to Ireland was a press trip and we started in Dublin where I had been a few times already on tours, then we drove through County Wicklow and on up to Belfast. Belfast I had never seen before and believe me this trip changed my view of what I thought Belfast would look like. The city is wonderful to wander around in, so full of laughter and colour and so green. The gardens we visited were incredible and I hope you will enjoy the recap of the trip once I get it up on the site.

I arrived home from Thailand to company and the company has gone after ten days. You know what it’s like when you have company – some things suffer, so that is why the newsletter is a bit later than normal. But then, who said I was normal!

Now the painter is coming and will repaint the entire condo and that means I will be running around behind him wiping off paint drops. He is good but not perfect. I am hoping this will all be done by October 15th when we have company again. My life is a calendar it seems. Next years tours are fully booked so I am thankful I don’t have to worry about that – in fact there are two new ones being worked on for next year that I will share with you when ready. One is to England in July for the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show and the other is a Cruise in December. Again, both special so I continue to do what I love and hope that all works out as it should both here and away.

Are you checking out the Events Calendar to see what is happening in your area? If you know of something that is not listed, just add it. We have made it very easy for you to add your own garden related events. Are you reading our weekly articles that are put up each Sunday? We have wonderful writers and I hope you enjoy their articles as much as I do. Our sponsors are very special too and bring you each issue new items of interest. Our sponsors support our site and each one of them is known to me and recommended by me, not because they are a sponsor, but because they have great products.

Enjoy the September issue and chat in October!

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