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My Two Cents Worth
August 10, 2010

August…the month of harvesting for most of you and perhaps a holiday? Depending on where you live determines what you do. It is hard to talk about each zone, as there are so many gardeners who read these newsletters coming from all over the world. For some of you – you will be planting another garden, and for some you will be harvesting what you have grown.

For others, who live in tropical areas like I do, it will be the same old thing. I do remember this time of year back in Canada though and fondly, as I sat by our pond with a cup of tea in hand deciding on what I wanted to do for next year – what bulbs I wanted to plant, and heading off to the garden center to check out the sales on the perennials.

Now, I just go downstairs to our social area and putter in the 8 beds. Thank goodness I have my Garden Bandit to help me with weeding. It is our rainy season so the soil is getting depleted of nutrients and I have just put some fertilizer on all the beds to help the plants along. There is one bed left to plant so I must get after that once I get back from some trips I have coming up.

Here in Panama we have some great events that come along and it is wonderful when I am able to attend them because I am home. August 5th we were are the opening of a play called “Noises Off”. Absolutely wonderful…and in the beautiful quirky old theatre called the Theatre Guild of Ancon. Many expats have come here during its 60 years of history and you can see its life all over the walls as plays and people are displayed for all to see and remember fondly. Then another treat for us was to go to our Theatre National for a piano and orchestra recital with guest Alexander Panizza. Alexander was born in Canada. It was a delightful evening and it still surprises us to come out of a building at night and feel the warm breezes. Wonder when that will stop.

I head off to Ireland August 19th. Visiting Dublin and seeing quite a few gardens there including Helen Dillon – I have an article coming up August 22nd from her so be sure to read it. I have been there a couple of times now but have not seen it since she put in the pond. We will chat and enjoy a cup of coffee together. Then some more gardens from the Dublin Group of Gardens and off to Wicklow to see some on our way to Belfast – this is a first time visit for me to Belfast so truly looking forward to the whole trip…and can I say that we are thrilled to be able to see Riverdance while there? Yes I can because I am so excited about that!

Then off to Thailand September 5th until the 15th. I am attending the Thailand Travel Mart and will also see some of the things we have in store for our upcoming tour to Thailand in January 2011.

My articles in are new each Monday and are geared more towards the U.S. gardeners. You can find my blog link right under my picture on our home page of . is updated with my latest reviews…you can see those at

And if you have the time, don’t forget to visit our tours only site at  All tours for 2011 are going! I am also working on a tour to South Africa in 2012 so let me know if you are interested in that one, I will let you know when ready for booking? Our Panama site is at 

Please be sure to read the tidbits of info and Did you know this issue…lots of goodies to share with you!

See you next month…and remember… “education is about adding value to your life” unknown


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