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Proven Winners
July 15, 2010

Proven Winners


Autumn Tones

We are on the downslide of summer … and perhaps your container plantings are looking a bit tired. Start planning and thinking ahead to the next season, autumn. And there are some great plants, and container combinations out there to help you bring in the fall season beautifully.

Try this combination, Autumn Tones ) The depth of color and texture here will surely impress anyone standing on your doorstep comes trick or treat time. Not exactly what you had in mind? You’ll find dozens of other container recipes at .

On the Proven Winners website you can read the answers to questions we are asked frequently. How often should I water? How can I keep my garden weed-free? And a popular question as the season turns cooler … Can I save my Proven Winners plants by bringing them indoors. You will find these questions, and the answers right here ) --there might be a question there that has been in the back of your mind while you’ve gardened this summer.



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