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My Two Cents Worth
June 15, 2010

Chelsea has come and gone…another year of incredible gardens, awesome floral displays and each year brings new plants to drool over. New this year were two countries displaying. Thailand (Won GOLD) has a gorgeous display in the pavilion made entirely of orchids and petals…it was beautiful. Be sure to check out the Chelsea 2010 pictures and recap at

I was especially happy to see the display as I have a Thailand tour scheduled for February 2011 and now am even more excited!
The other country there for the very first time was Malaysia (WON GOLD) and it was a show garden…and it was so beautiful, I could feel myself back in Malaysia. What a great show this year at Chelsea…I sure hope that if you haven’t been to Chelsea yet, that you will come along with me next year. We spend 4 nights in Paris and 5 nights in London this tour. The 2011 Paris/Chelsea tour is booking and the first ones in were from South Africa!  is the place to go.

Also up now for your reading pleasure is my India Tour recap…it is wonderful doing these recaps as I get to relive the tours all over again. I have been so blessed over the years to see some beautiful places.

I had the opportunity to go and see a presentation here in Panama on the new Bio Museum, the one designed by Canadian Frank Gehry. He is married to a Panamanian lady and his heart can be felt in this building.  It was amazing to hear how Panama has played such an important role in biodiversity from the beginning of joining North America to South America – and from there it all changed.

Here is something you may not know about those cute little red eyed tree frogs that live here…  Rumble in the Jungle!

And lastly, a new record price for Panama coffee was set – 170.20 per pound!! That is right…again “Esmeralda Special” – Geisha, has reached the highest price for the past 6 years. I have tasted this coffee and it really is unusual, and personally, an acquired taste for me. I prefer a stronger coffee. We have another site t and that contains all kinds of things about living here in Panama. We went to a food fest last week where we got to try some new foods and see what is happening in this area. I didn’t know we grew pepper here! And not the hot peppers.

I continue to write the weekly articles for – this is mostly geared to the U.S. gardeners but I do slip in events that are noteworthy for Canadian gardeners too! Check it out

Well, I head off again the end of this month for England on the Blooms tour. I am excited as I have not been ot the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show for a few years now and love the fact that the show is set on the grounds of the Palace.

Until next month…happy gardening!! And please do check out each of the sections in the newsletter…they are filled with all kinds of interesting information for you. We also invite all of you who have garden related events to enter them into our Events Area on the site…just for you!

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