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June 15, 2010


The blooming season is just past but the envy remains. Envy of your neighbour whose peonies not only stood up during that downpour the night before the garden tour of your garden, but the colours and flowers in forms you've never seen. We're not knocking all the wonderful, double flowered, antique varieties you see in most gardens. Peonies live a long time. They too were new once; long long ago.

Nobody told you that the old ones you see around were selected for their cut flower potential like fragrance and durability not for their performance in the garden. They are inexpensive because they've been around a long time so there are lots to go round.

Like the automobile, Peonies have been improved since 1900. Countless hours have been spent by hybridizers to improve the flowers, plant form and length of bloom. Once you've seen a newer peony, the results are obvious. Not only are they different, they're available in an incredible range of colours and heights and most don't flop.

Your peony envy can be banished. Just try one of ours. They're 3 - 5 eye, freshly dug roots shipped to you in the fall (the best time for planting).


We've got 8 new cures for you this year bringing our total pharmacopia to 20. All of them work.

CHINOOK - New for 2010
(Blooms late season) Lightly-scented, double flowers of the palest salmon, with red marbling in the centre petals and the occasional golden stamen peeking out. As with most light-coloured peonies, CHINOOK holds its colour best when sited in a cooler part of your garden. Ht. 90cm (36").



CLOWN - New for 2010
(Blooms mid-season) This pleasingly-fragrant, rose-pink single with a neat white picotee edging reminds you of a Clown's hat. Each lightly-crinkled flower is complimented by a golden centre. Ht. 86cm (34").



ESKIMO PIE - New for 2010
(Blooms mid-season) ESKIMO PIE puts out a blizzard of sweetly-fragrant, double, white blooms on compact 66cm (26") stems. A wonderful choice for anyone who wants the luxury of full double flowers without the hassles of staking or putting up supports. Both buds and the base of the blooms have slight red flecking. Deep green foliage is held up to the base of the flowers with 2-3 side buds present. Just all-round excellent landscape variety that will also fill vases. Good enough to eat!



NOSEGAY - New for 2010
American Peony Society GOLD MEDAL WINNER
(Blooms early season) An aptly-named, deliciously-fragrant shell-pink semi-double masterpiece with huge flowers that look like porcelain when backlit by the sun. The yellow staminodes have red bases and pink carpels. A strong grower with many flowers, dark green foliage, and strong stems that is also great as a cutflower. Wow! Ht. 70cm (28").



(Blooms mid-season) A serenely-elegant, spicily-fragrant, creamy white, single-flowered beauty with golden stamens and red carpel tips. Excellent substance and lustrous dark green foliage. We last offered REQUIEM over 10 years ago and have yearned to have it back ever since. A really classy peony. Ht. 93cm (37").



These are relatively new to the Peony world and only recently have become available in any quantity. Most have some blood from the dwarf species Paeonia tenuifolia and P.tenuifolia PLENA; two early blooming species celebrated for their hardiness and finely dissected "fern leaf" foliage. Many of these new varieties share their beautifully textured foliage and compact, mounded growth.We are now pleased to offer these exciting new plants in a range of colour, flower form and foliage.

LITTLE RED GEM - New for 2010
(Blooms very early) Delicate scarlet flowers dance above the gorgeously-filigreed foliage on this deceptively tough, early blooming wonder. A nicely rounded, compact plant that blooms a month earlier than its taller peony cousins. Ht. 50cm (20").







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