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An Ode To My Children - See You in September
by Arlene Birmingham
November 17, 1999

Hooray! Hooray the first of May My real life restarts today Hooray! at last the days grow longer Already I feel my spirit grow stronger

"So why" you ask, does this excite me so much? Cause from now, until fall, housework I don't touch

Inside the dust bunnies are larger than life Too bad, I'm now "gardener", no longer "the wife"

There's many more hours, to play in my flowers To think "what's for supper?" is not in my powers

I'm sowing my seeds, patiently watching them grow That mountain of laundry is no longer my foe

Mom can you stop what you're doing and just drive me there? Think I planted the car keys and can't remember where

The fridge can rot I've plants to pot

The dust's an inch thick It should make me sick!

The toilet needs cleaning These children need weaning Stop calling to me when work needs done It's too bad, I'm busy, I'm out having fun

Bills stamped "final notice" Can wait till fall solstice

Mom, we're out of t.p. oh why can't they see These trivial things mean sweet tweet to me

For while the sun shines And I'm into my wines, You'll find me out seed'in In the garden of weed'en

My mind is in peace It's a six month release

So before the days shorten and it's again cold That ring round the tub can just turn to mold

Sent in by Arlene Birmingham of Way to Grow

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