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My Two Cents Worth
May 15, 2010

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What’s been happening in my life since the last issue … I saw termites for the first time in my life and thankfully they were out in the park! Funny little creatures building a roadway across the sidewalk in the park … covering it over in what looks like mud so they don’t get exposed to the light … thousands and thousands of them … wow, nature is a marvel. Now you may think that since we live in Panama we would be surrounded by creatures…well we are, but they are in the jungle.

Tom and I went this past January for another visit to the Miraflores locks. That is one of the locks in the Panama Canal and there they have a fantastic Museum. We visited the floor that shows what the flora and fauna look like who make Panama their home and thank goodness they live in the jungle…wow, you should have seen some of the bugs that live here!

The flower beds around the pool area are looking so nice now that we are getting rain. The hibiscus are blooming their pretty heads off. Nice to see some colour. I see the spider lily is ready to bloom as well.

Not related to gardening, but related to Panama… this is the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and they finished up race 8 here at our Flamenco Marina….and way to go Cape Breton finishing overall in 4th place!! It has been an incredibly close race so go to the site and watch it for yourself.

Also coming close to us but not stopping were the Tall Ships They are on their way through the Panama Canal We went with some other people on a sail boat for a 3 hour sail and got to see three of them. Now they had their sails tied up but what a fun afternoon that was. We saw the boats from Mexico, Chile and Venezuela. Four had gone through the canal earlier in the day and one was too far out to see and we didn’t see the rest of the group. The sailboat we were on was very unique too – it had a baby grand in it…the weather looks miserable, but it was perfect…no sun beating down on us and the wind was good enough for us to put the sail up ... what a perfect afternoon…great company and these beautiful ships.

Here are some great articles to read on the Tall Ships and history of them…
Caribbean Schooner Trade
By Will Johnson

by Richard Avila

Remember me telling you last issue about our Morocco tour being sold out after just less than two weeks? Well, I have another exotic location for you in Thailand and Cambodia and with that is the Chiang Mai Flower Festival. Don’t miss looking at that one, it truly is a wonderful tour and don’t worry about the unrest there now as this tour is next January! I will have the others up as I get them ready. I love putting the tours together but you would not believe the work that goes into the process. I would much rather just host the groups. ? I was going over our India tour and looking at all the happy faces on that tour. They sure enjoyed themselves. Ecuador as well…that is the best part for me, the happy memories that they take home. My new picture with the newsletters now is courtesy of one of the ladies on my India tour … thanks Jackie … ! If there is anything you see that interests you do send me an email so you can be the first to see it when ready for booking.  is where they are listed.

My Italy Tour is now up on the site and is 50 percent booked already .. wonder why? Just look.

Thailand is up as well

Floriade is up on the site and ready for booking.

Ecuador and India pictures are up under the Pix area and our two cruises are up under both the Pix area on  and  and for those of you who missed coming with me this year to Chelsea, we are offering Paris/Chelsea next year. Here is an article on Chelsea 2010 to tempt you
and last but not least – be sure to check out my weekly garden articles at
the above one is all about Children and gardening….

And received some more lovely little notes…

thank you for all the garden inspirations, to me and all.. helpful website you have’.. Mary

Love all the information you provide. Such a wonderful resource for gardeners :D’ .. Lark

wonderful informative website.. beautiful pictures and interesting garden journals’. .Mary

Well, I am off to the Chelsea Flower Show on May 22nd and while away, the site will still be updated weekly so do visit, enjoy and chat again in the June issue … happy gardening!

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