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May 15, 2010

Short in stature - big in value!

There comes a time for most gardeners when they realize that they really don't have room for everything they'd like to grow. Whether they're plant collectors with "drifts of one" or just like to grow stuff and can't stop, there IS a limit to space. My moment came last year when my shrub collection started looking like an arboretum. It was time to rethink my woody plans and this led to our current selection of smaller forms of gardenworthy shrubs. They have all the wonderfull characteristics of their larger kin but will fit the space limited garden, so there's hope for all of us.

Dugald Cameron

All our shrubs are shipped potted in our custom designed packaging. Shipments start later this month.

Buddleia Lo & Behold BLUE CHIP
(Dwarf Butterfly Bush) No Deadheading -

No Pruning - Fragrant blooms all summer. We've offered this little charmer for the past 2 years and it really is a terrific plant at only 60-90cm (24-36") tall. This is really short when you consider that most buddleia grow to 3m (8'). Being shorter it starts blooming earlier; usually by mid-summer.

Clethra SUGARTINA - New 2010 introduction

(Sweet Pepper Bush) Strongly fragrant, spicy white candle-like flowers cover this little shrub in late summer. A brand new DWARF form of this North American native that only grows to 75cm (30") instead of 8 - 12'. These like a moist soil in full sun to light shade and wind up the season with a nice display of golden foliage.

Hydrangea paniculata LITTLE LIME - New 2010 introduction

Hooray! A smaller version of the fabulous Hydrangea LIMELIGHT with the same abundant, luscious lime coloured flowers on a conveniently compact plant. Hydrangea paniculata are very easy to grow in just about any soil from full sun to partial shade and start flowering in midsummer.


Hydrangea quercifolia PEE WEE - New 2010 introduction

(Dwarf Oak Leaf Hydrangea) Oak Leaf Hydrangea are statuesque native shrubs with striking oak leaf foliage that form the backdrop to the midsummer panicles of white. In autumn the foliage turns to burgundy and in winter they display their cinnamon coloured, exfoliating bark. These are really neat plants that always draw comments. They prefer a moist soil in partial shade. PEE WEE only grows to 1.2m (4'), much shorter than it's 2.5m (8') cousins.


(Dwarf reblooming Lilac) A hardy, fragrant, reblooming lilac that only grows to 1.2-1.5m (4-5'). What more could you ask? We've offered this shrub since 1998 and it really is an excellent new plant. A great addition to a small garden where every plant has to earn it's keep. Easy to grow in average soil and full sun.





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