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Naughty Peter Rabbit!
March 15, 2010

Naughty Peter Rabbit!

He got caught in the cabbage patch again.


OK, it’s really kale, but close enough. I cut a block of pre-soaked floral foam lengthwise and taped it to a plastic tray. Peter hopped on over from the inventory clearance store ($6.00) right onto the foam. I trimmed the tops of a leek and positioned it in the back, then inserted a few ornamental kale using bamboo skewers. You could also use grocery store kale.

Next I covered the foam with variegated pitisporum. I love the way the centers of the gerbera daisies and anemones mimic the bunny’s little black eyes. Finishing touches were added using a few Kermit mums and a bit of horsetail. Oh, and a shiny satin ribbon for Peter!

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