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Proven Winners

Container style, the Proven Winners® Way….
March 15, 2010

Proven Winners

Container style, the Proven Winners® Way….

When designing and planting your containers, you want to use enough plants to create an appealing container when first planted—yet you need to leave enough room for the plants to mature without crowding each other out. If you are filling a container that is 14” in diameter, then you will need 5-6 plants. If the diameter is 18”, then plan to use 6-9 plants. Also be sure to consider the current size and maturity of the plants you are using, and their potential spread.
The composition of your container can make as much of a visual impact as its color—so it is important to consider growth habit, structure and compatibility when selecting plants. Also remember that all varieties considered should share the same light and water requirements, and don’t be afraid to add a grass or another type of foliage plant for additional dimension and texture.
Building the perfect container:

  • Choose a THRILLER—a plant with an upright habit, perhaps spiky in nature, or one that is flowering, foliage only or an ornamental grass.
  • FILLER—this is a plant that will fill out the container itself—look for bushy, heavy flowering plants
  • FINISH WITH A SPILLER—a low-growing, spill over the side of the container plant for dimension and visual interest

For container designs that work in your garden—need it be shade, sun, drought tolerant, foliage only, etc—visit


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