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My Two Cents Worth
March 15, 2010

Spring has sprung…yes officially the first day of spring was March 20th and I normally would have been in Toronto at Canada Blooms enjoying the show and the company of my garden writer buddies. This year things were a bit different.

I was to finish my tour in India on the 15th – which was sooo incredible – then fly home for a couple days, fly off to Toronto for Canada Blooms, then leave on the 21st for Grenada. That got changed when they decided to fly me out of Panama and I cancelled CB’s. Then just before India, Grenada was moved to a later date because of the drought there and by this time too late to do anything about CB’s. So go figure… life is like that …. I am home now until Chelsea and busy getting caught up yet again.

I came home to some cool surprises…. my pots of helliconia and ginger grew so much in two weeks, I will have to put them out in the beds around the pool soon. The biggest surprise is that I had brought home a coconut that was starting to sprout, put it in a big low bowl on pebbles and filled with water and now there is another palm frond almost two feet high!

We are approaching our ‘green season’ and I can hardly wait. I really do not like living in a tropical country where the grass goes brown for four months and the shrubs loose their leaves but I do know that soon all will be lush, green and in bloom or leaf very soon.

Can I tell you that seeing the Taj Mahal in person was one of the most ethereal experiences ever? We had such a good trip that I am going to do another tour in 2012 I think. India is a country with such contrasts that it has to be experienced more than once or twice.

I now get ready to Chelsea – again a tour that I find most enjoyable and my last tour this year will be the Blooms tour with Adrian Bloom in July. Chelsea closes for bookings the end of this month and Blooms closes April 3rd… that one includes the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show and a very special meeting with one of the up and coming show garden designers…in his garden!

Oh, while I think of it, here is the link to my articles on
I am thrilled to be a part of this huge website bringing my weekly tidbits of information to gardeners. There are so many good reasons to garden!

Until next issue ... to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow...

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