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March 7, 2010

As our long-time customers know, our Clematis selection is made up of the very best varieties that represent the wide diversity of these wonderful plants. Whether it's flower size, flower colour, season of bloom or mature size of the plant, each is unique. Among this stellar selection are a few varieties that are very, very long flowering. Some of these are showcased below.

For those of you who've yet to try Clematis, they are very easy to grow and because most are climbers, take little garden space. Just imagine a green curtain covered with flowers, climbing walls, trellis or shrubs in your garden; few neighbours would complain if you chose a Clematis-clad trellis instead of a privacy fence. All you need is fertile, well-drained soil, full sun to half day sun, something for the Clematis to climb on and some patience. As the old saying goes: "First season they sleep, 2nd season they creep and 3rd season they leap."

We grow all our Clematis in 1 litre, 4.5" pots, shipping from late May through the summer.


Some Clematis bloom in flushes with a heavy flowering in the early summer and a repeat performance in the late summer. The varieties below just bloom a long time. Some for 6 weeks, others the entire summer. Clematis also make excellent cut flowers, lasting for weeks in the vase.


A candelabra of pink bells that dance in the wind from early summer into midsummer on a tall, non-climbing but vigorous plant. I grow mine through my Peonies because ALJONUSKA starts blooming just after they've finished. It's also an excellent choice for an obelisk. I first grew this in 2002 and it remains a breathtaking delight every year.


This blooming machine with an almost endless display of azure-blue flowers with creamy yellow centres is from the great Clemetarian Barry Fretwell. ARABELLA is yet another diversifolia Clematis that works well in the border and is also very hardy.


Clouds of lightly-scented, silver-lilac bells for 6 weeks or more starting in early summer. BETTY was found in a friend's garden by Betty Corning, the unhappy wife of a philandering member of the Corning Glass family who found solace in her plants and garden. This is an absolutely stunning plant. Vigorous, disease resistant and hardy and a "must have" for anyone who loves Clematis.


The large, heavily-ribbed, indigo blue blooms with delightfully contrasting wheat-coloured centres first appear in early summer and continue all summer long and into the fall. It was one of the first of the Clematis diversifolia group; a non-climbing but very long blooming and very adaptable group of Clematis. DURANDII can grow through other plants, through an obelisk or meandering through a ground cover.


A Canadian Clematis - From the hand of my friend Stan Zubrowski of Edmonton, JOE ZARY has the flower and foliage of an early season alpine Clematis with its double purple flowers, but IT BLOOMS NON-STOP ALL SUMMER & FALL. JOE ZARY flowers most heavily in the spring and late summer but is never without flower. A remarkable plant and very hardy to boot.


Another cloud-like stunner in white that blooms non-stop from July to frost. A large plant at maturity and perfect for covering a fence or, if you have a neighbouring unsightliness, your neighbour, his garage and much of his yard. Hardy and dependable, and lightly scented.┬žion=FS

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