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Mixed Bag
February 22, 2010

Mixed Bag

For this gift bag of flowers, I used a grocery store bouquet along with a few extra flowers that I had leftover from other arrangements. I just love the bright, summery colors!

Colorful gift bags can be transformed into festive flower containers quite easily. Just insert a watertight container into the bag and stuff the surrounding area with crumpled paper to keep it from falling. You may need to put a piece of sturdy cardboard on the bottom if the bag doesn't already have one. Then simply add your foliage and flowers. You want your materials to blend well with the colors of the bag. I added some fluff with a couple of sheets of tissue paper, but you could also use the paper collar that comes with most grocery store bouquets. You can find so many gift bags these days. They're great if you're trying to work around a theme - bridal or baby shower, birthday party...I even found one with playing cards, perfect for a bridge party!

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