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The Garden Itch!
February 22, 2010

Are you getting the itch? The gardening itch? Bet you can’t wait to get out into that yard. Think of it, the bright sunshine, the sweat on your brow, oh, the muscles that ache after relaxing all winter. Start the year off with great garden planning. What to change, what to add, what to move?

Are you also making plans on how to protect your garden year round? Master Gardener Pat Munts of Spokane advises using deer repellents BEFORE deer start tasting plants, as it’s always easier to prevent problems than to break deer-feeding habits (Same rules apply to rabbits). Research has proven that odor-based repellents are more effective than other repellent systems where the animal needs to taste treated plants before being repelled. A fear based response is the best, and will have deer, elk, rabbits, opossum, and voles looking to dine somewhere other than your garden or plantation. So, as Munts states, “studies show these are more effective than bitter-tasting or pepper-based products because it smells like a predator”. She goes on to state that a vegetable oil binder keeps it on the plant and effective for several months at a time.

Some gardeners it seems, have tried every method to deter deer from their property. Planting items that deer aren’t supposed to eat, hanging up bars of soap (aren’t they to be used in the shower?), and spraying fox urine around the effected areas. Have you thought HOW they get the urine from these animals? As Debbie from Canada states, “the deer in my neighborhood are unaware of the plants they aren’t supposed to eat”. After trying Plantskydd Animal Repellent, she was amazed. “For the first time in years, the lilies on our property bloomed and the leaves stayed in tact for the WHOLE season.”

Waterwitch from Montana says that it is true, the one that works the best doesn’t “smell as sweet as those prissy mint sprays”, but she knows that this organic product “works really well at repelling deer!” Looking for great garden centers or nurseries in your area with knowledgeable staff and creative ideas? Support your local store, and check out the Dealer Locator on our website. If your store isn’t there, make sure to let us know.

When the first life of spring pushes through the soil, be ready with Plantskydd Animal Repellent. #1 most tested,#1 most effective, #1 longest lasting. 100% organic OMRI listed (Organic Materials Review Institute)– safe for use in protecting fruit, vegetables and other food products against animal browse damage. And safe for ALL animals, even those poor fox!

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