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flowering perfection
January 31, 2010

In the depths of winter gardeners often dream of bigger, more colourful and abundant blooms from their favourite plants. This can be a challenge, for it is often some magical balance between cultivation techniques and the plant's capabilities that determines the results. There are lots of lofty claims out there for "the biggest" or "the best" but all too often they're misguided or just plain false. But there are exceptions. Something we specialize in here at Gardenimport. Blackmore and Langdon Begonias are definitely in this category. Our tubers come directly from Blackmore & Langdon in England, and we have trialed every variety we offer.

In my previous newsletter about Joe Solomone's Clivia I discussed the ambitions of dedicated gardeners whose interest becomes a hobby that leads to a lifetime's work developing flowering perfection. Jim Blackmore and Charles Langdon were among these gardeners, keen Begonia lovers whose hybridizing hobby led to their starting their business in 1901. Their passion for perfection has passed through 3 generations of their family, who still run the business today. Superlatives aren't enough to describe their exquisite Begonias, but suffice it to say they have won more Gold Medals at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show than any other nursery in the world. Pictures don't do the blooms justice, but once you've seen one in flowering perfection you will never forget it.

These Begonias must be started indoors and benefit greatly from bottom heat to get them going. Mine were still in flower in October and many of my tubers are now many years old.

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Huge, golden yellow blooms in a perfect rose form flower in abundance on a strongly-growing plant with lovely dark green foliage. The buds are brushed with pink on the reverse.


A gorgeous new pendula begonia. Open, flared blooms are orange-yellow on the inside with an orange-pink reverse. Nicely-veined, tapered foliage and abundant 8cm. wide blooms. A really nice begonia.


A really beautiful colour of creamy yellow with perfect rose-shaped blooms. An old reliable variety that is still my favourite.


He was new last year and has won many admirers since with his captivatingly coral blooms.


A vivid picotee flower with orange-scarlet edges on highly ruffled bright yellow flowers.


Loads of ruffled blooms of the palest pink with deeper pink centres and a dark pink reverse. This won rave reviews from everyone in our trials last summer. HEATING MAT

Tuberous Begonias bloom continuously once they start. The tricky part is that it can take quite a while to "wake up" your dormant tubers from their winter rest. Blackmore & Langdon Begonias can be particularly slow to get started. You can get a much faster growth if you can give them bottom heat, and nothing is better for this than our 10" Heating Mat. We recommend that you start your Begonias in shallow trays. You can plant them as close as 6" apart which allows you to get several tubers in a tray. Each mat is big enough to heat an entire tray.

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