January 15, 2010

Yes it is true. Winter is here. You may be buried under snow, or seeing plenty of rain and cooler weather. You might be shakin’ in your boots or sitting inside with a warm fire glowing. But, if you are a gardener, you are thinking about getting out into your lush garden and can’t wait to start again. You have your garden magazines spread out everywhere, the computer is purring as you look at new plants and ideas to put into your garden, and the catalogues of all your favorite and soon to be favorite plants are enticing you to be outside.

Have the deer and rabbits stayed away from munching on your plants in this foul weather? The bulbs that you planted are now safe in the frozen ground waiting for spring, if the squirrels didn’t pop them out right after you did all of that hard work.

Are you making plans on how to protect your garden year round? It is much easier to prevent critter damage than it is to stop the foraging once it has begun. Anticipate the upcoming feast, take serious steps to persuade local wildlife to look elsewhere for their coming spring treats. Remember, once animals are attracted to an area and begin feeding, it is more difficult to discourage them from returning.

Plantskydd Animal Repellent works all year long. Plantskydd emits an odor that animals associate with predator activity, repelling the animal BEFORE it nibbles on plants. Research has proven that odor-based repellents are more effective than other repellent systems where the animal needs to taste treated plants before being repelled.

When the first life of spring pushes through the soil, be ready with Plantskydd Animal Repellent. #1 most tested, #1 most effective, #1 longest lasting. 100% organic OMRI listed (Organic Materials Review Institute) – safe for use in protecting fruit, vegetables and other food products against animal browse damage. Available in both a liquid ready-to-use formulation, as well as an economical soluble powder concentrate that can be mixed into a spray liquid or liquid paste. Go to your favorite garden center today and ask for Plantskydd Animal Repellent now. Be ready to go, because those critters will be!

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