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October 15, 2009

Seasonal Information!

Bucks with a beautiful coating of velvet on their antlers are a wonder of nature to see in the fall. Unfortunately, when they start using the trees and shrubs to shed their velvet, you cross your fingers and hope they don’t stop in your yard. Protect your trees and shrubs with a coating of Plantskydd™ Animal Repellent which is available in liquid as well as soluble powder concentrate.

Mix Plantskydd concentrate into a liquid paste and apply by paint brush to these known areas to repel the bucks. Use also for any areas of girdling from other herbivores such as moose and nutria. Plantskydd simulates a fear-based response, which will have animals looking for somewhere else to dine.

Keep in mind, that when the weather is harsh and their food supply is scarce, Deer, Elk, and Moose will eat almost anything! Plantskydd is 100% natural and listed organic with OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute), It can protect your yard for up to 6 months on dormant plants. Make sure you go to your local garden center now to complete the treatment before the winter storms set in. Using Plantskydd ready-to-use liquid will help to protect your bulbs from those all-knowing critters that watch you plant them. Dip the bulbs into the Plantskydd solution, let them dry, and then plant as usual. Plantskydd works by emitting an odor animals associate with predator activity. Animals avoid Plantskydd treated plants before they bite – not after! Research has proven Plantskydd more effective than other repellent systems – where the animal needs to taste treated plants before being repelled.

Plantskydd’s long-term effectiveness is attributable to the tenacity of its 100% natural, vegetable oil binder in sticking to plants, even under severe snow/rainfall conditions – up to 6 months over winter, 3-4 months in summer.

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