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September 2009 Newsletter
by Donna Dawson
September 19, 2009

September in Panama is very different from September in St. Albert, Alberta. September in Panama is really no different than any other month in Panama…my writer pal Patrick Vickery asked me if I missed the change of seasons. There are only two that I miss. One is spring – there is nothing more rewarding for a gardener than to see new growth poking out from soil that has been frozen for months! The spring green that shows up in new leaves, the joy of finally finishing off all those containers filled with baby plants and fresh raspberries from canes that my mother gave me. The other time I miss the seasons is autumn or fall. I miss seeing my garden all cut down and Tom working his magic with the chipper shredder to make all the clippings into black gold and I miss the smell in the air of the leaves on the ground.

And oh my gosh, I used to can and preserve and freeze. Now we buy as we need really. We live and eat differently here for sure. With day time temperatures at 30C and nighttime about 26C you do not want to be in the kitchen for long periods of time unless you put the air on. Thankfully we are on the 7th floor and get a wonderful cooling breeze. I do still cook a Christmas turkey dinner…that we would not change ? I don’t have a garden any more, just a small balcony but downstairs around the pool we do have 8 raised garden beds to occupy my time.

Seasons change, people change, priorities change and when you open yourself up to them, it is really quite amazing what happens to your way of thinking. The one thing I have not had to change thank goodness is my love of what I do. It does not matter where you live if you can continue to do what you love.

Autumn becomes winter and winter brings spring and even here in Panama when we begin our ‘summer’ or dry season, it brings new plant material that needs the stress to bloom and produce the avocados, cashews, pineapple, papaya and many other fruits that we enjoy here, right off the farm.

Thank you for sharing your pictures of where you garden, your notes of encouragement and your friendship over all these years. These are things to be thankful for.

On that note, please visit our Sponsors and support them. Please visit our Amazon site where we have listed lots of ideas for gifts…funds raised go to Plant A Row and The Ronnie Fund.

Tom has uploaded all my pictures now and all I have to do are the recaps of the trips and tours for the pix area. I hope you have seen our 2010 Garden tour is incredible and hopefully you can join me on one of them next year… First up for 2010 is Ecuador and we have enough to if you want to join me, come along!

We continue to update – or better said – Tom continues to update the site with his up to date information and articles are being added as well.

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