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Communities in Bloom Lethbridge

Top of the line community builders!
by Chris Biesheuvel
by Chris Biesheuvel


Chris Biesheuvel a retired Horticulturist from McKenzie Seeds in Brandon Manitoba.

Chris is active in the Lethbridge Horticultural Society. He owns Dutch Touch garden consulting business.

His flower photography is well known. Lately Chris is promoting the health effects from gardening in writing and in speaking engagements.

June 14, 2009

Communities in Bloom Lethbridge is always amazingly active. I remember them creating a September 11 memorial garden with the deep red rose Hope for Humanity.

Plant exchanges is another of their great programs. I attended last week for the first time a plant exchange happening and it was fun and a great way to talk to fellow gardeners. All gardeners who come to this event are requested to bring a donation for the local food bank.

For 2009 Communities in Bloom Lethbridge announced two unique novelty programs. I do not know which one is the best because both have enormous educational merits.

For Grade 4 students they created a poetry contest with an instruction to write about trees and their environmental impact. Thinking green and start with the youth, what an awesome idea.

The other new program is called Flowers of Hope. With this program Communities in Bloom promotes that all people and industries in Lethbridge plant this year in their front yards flowers in the following colors; pink for breast cancer, dark blue for colon cancer, yellow and light blue for the Canadian Cancer Society while light blue is also the color for prostate cancer and yellow is for sarcoma.

By doing this Lethbridge Communities in Bloom brings a clear message of; You are not alone we all care for you! to all cancer patients.

Lethbridge Communities in Bloom I want to compliment you, you are real community builders.

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