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Great Holiday Ideas from Contech
by Contech
November 2, 2008


Anyone who cultivates a garden has likely also cultivated a disdain for the critters that invade their vegetables, potted flowers, lawn, or pond. Cats, racoons, deer, skunks, rabbits, herons, and even bears can be a scourge to those who have invested time and resources to create the ideal backyard oasis or vegetable patch.

A ScareCrow motion-activated deterrent helps gardeners protect their valuable investments. The ScareCrow detects movement and releases a short, startling burst of water that scares animals away. It is humane, environmentally-friendly, and can work for up to four months on a single, nine-volt battery.


If the best offence is a good defence, then the battle against destructive garden slugs is best waged before they start to devour valued plants and flowers. The SlugsAway™ electronic slug and snail fence from Contech is a unique, chemical-free way to protect your garden and the environment around it.

SlugsAway surrounds a flower bed, raised vegetable garden, or favorite planting of new seedlings with a low, compact fence that forms a harmless, yet effective, electronic barrier. When a slug or snail attempts to climb the fence, it receives a mild static sensation (undetectable to pets and humans), causing it to change its path away from the protected area.

SlugsAway is easy to set up and protects up to 32 square feet on a single, nine-volt battery. SlugsAway is the ideal gift for organic gardeners who choose to keep their gardens chemical-free.


They run a close second to dogs as ‘man’s best friend’ but even feline fanciers agree that while cats may be clean and companionable as housemates, their yard and garden manners leave a lot to be desired.

A 2003 BBC survey of gardeners in the UK found that cats ranked second only to rats as the most despised mammals in the garden. Cats have been known to commandeer gardens to use as litter boxes, and to chase birds from the feeders and yards of well-intentioned bird watchers.

The CatStop outdoor cat deterrent can help restore neighborhood harmony while protecting birds and gardens from the natural instincts of cats. The CatStop detects motion within 280 square feet and emits a loud burst of ultrasonic sound audible only to cats. In short order, cats realize that CatStop- protected-areas are off-limits.


Many gardeners and bird watchers are diligent about protecting their feathered friends during the winter months when food supplies are low. But ensuing that the food gets to the birds (and not to marauding squirrels and rats) can be a frustrating endeavour.

The SquirrelStop is a simple and effective way to protect hanging bird feeders from intruders. When a squirrel (or rat) climbs onto a feeder, the extra weight activates the spinning mechanism, causing the squirrel to jump off.

The SquirrelStop is easy to use—no assembly required—and works with any hanging bird feeder up to 10 pounds.


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