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Hypoxis hirsuta

Yellow Star Grass
by Barry Glick
by Barry Glick


Barry Glick has been involved in the plant world since 1954, when at the young, impressionable age of 5, he witnessed Don Herbert (Mr. Wizard on TV) put a cutting of a plant in a glass of water only to sprout roots a few shows later. Barry replicated the experiment with his one of his mother's prized Coleus plants, and as he watched the roots grow, knew that he was hooked for life.

Barry owns Sunshine Farm & Gardens in West Virginia - Zone 5

August 15, 2010

There aren't very many plants that would conjure up the use of the adjective "adorable" to describe them, but in this case I deem it justifiable.

Put on your sunglasses!!!

"Yellow Star Grass" is a VERY appropriate name for Hypoxis hirsuta, although the yellow color of the flowers is so brilliant, you may want to call it "Golden Star Grass". A plant native to all but nine western states on the mainland US and all but two western provinces of Canada -   Hypoxis hirsuta deserves a place in every type of garden. Its diminutive size makes it a perfect choice for a rock garden. However its woodland nature lends itself be perfect in any shade or wild garden and the fact that it loves to soak up the sun, makes it perfect for the front of any sunny perennial border.

Hypoxis hirsuta was a member of the Amaryllis family, but recently, taxonomists have created a new plant family, Hypoxidaceae. The name of the genus, Hypoxis, is derived from the Greek, hypo which means below and oxy which means pointed and refers to the points of the petals. The species name, hirsuta, refers to the very fine hairs on the blades of the foliage. Hypoxis hirsuta is the only North American member of the family and of the genus. All of the others are South African - 

Hypoxis hirsuta grows to be about 3" - 6" tall with an equal spread. Eventually, they'll gently self sow into a very natural colony. I've been building a good stock of plants to share with you and now is a good time to plant them.

What you'll receive are bareroot plants in full, active growth. They'll come to you wrapped in long fibered, unmilled sphagnum moss. This material is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and a very useful material.

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