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Wayside Gardens - 2008 Fall Catalog
by Tiffaney Murphy
July 13, 2008

2008 has been an extraordinary year for new introductions, and we are honored to make the most exciting new perennials, shrubs, and trees available to our customers. The Wayside Gardens 2008 fall catalog features of 30 new introductions along with old time favorites.

Coreopsis 'Redshift'

At last, a truly hardy, vigorous red Coreopsis. The result of nearly a decade of breeding involving 8 distinct Coreopsis species, 'Redshift' is the plant we have been waiting for. Part of the new Big Bang™ series, these large blooms offer deep red centers that mature through all shades to cream, with red highlights and streaks. The best red color is in cooler temperatures. Best of all, they appear on well-branched, robust plants that demonstrate excellent cold-hardiness and bloom tirelessly for months. Highly recommended for the perennial border, 'Redshift' is destined to be the new star of the garden. 21/2-inch pot. Z 4-8; late spring/late summer; sun; H: 30-36", W: 24-30"

Hemerocallis 'Crystal Pinot'

Spectacular ruffling, dramatic edging and eyezoning, and bright colors combine to create the most astonishing Daylily in many years. Huge blooms appear abundantly in early summer, then repeat tirelessly all season, dazzling with their two bands of edging (whisper-thin pink on the very edge of the petal, broader purple farther in), bold eyezone, and intense lemon-yellow throat. Add in the semi-evergreen foliage and distinctively robust constitution - including better resistance to heat and drought - and you have a signature plant for mass planting or accent placement, even in difficult-to-plant areas. Bareroot. Z 3-9; all summer (reblooming); sun/part shade; H: 20", W: 24-36"

Echinacea purpurea 'Cotton Candy'

The standout of the new Cone-fections™ series of floriferous, robust Echinacea from Dutch breeder Arie Blom, 'Cotton Candy' tempts with perfectly sculptured 4-inch pompons of brightest pink above a long skirt of slender, reflexed petals. Very well-branched and heavily budded, this hardworking plant keeps the sunny border colorful for 3 months or more in most climates, and with stands rain and wind beautifully. Bareroot. Z 3-9; midsummer/early fall; sun; H: 34", W: 30-32"

Brunnera 'King's Ransom'

Possibly the only Brunnera more appealing than 'Jack Frost' is this cultivar, its variegated cousin! The mounding 5-inch leaves of muted green overlaid with silver are edged in bright yellow in spring, maturing to cream and remaining right through until frost. Covered in early spring with bright blue blooms that may remind you of Forget-Me-Nots, this introduction from Walters Gardens is a magnificent sight in the shade border. Drought-tolerant and unappetizing to deer, it can be planted fearlessly in open woodland gardens, but is so showy that it belongs front and center of the most prominent shade display. 21/2-inch pot. Z 5-9; early spring; part/full shade, H: 15-18", W: 18-24"

Baptisia Solar Flare Prairieblues™

The blooms open yellow and then turn all shades of orange as they mature on this fine addition to the Prairieblues™ series from Jim Ault at the Chicago Botanical Gardens. Borne on 12- to 18-inch stems above blue-green foliage, they appear in late spring and early summer, with a mature plant offering more than 100 flowering stems. A very vigorous, vase-shaped plant that also boasts new spring stems of purple in cool weather, this variety introduces an entirely new color to the family. 3-inch pot. Z 4-8; late spring/early summer; sun; H: 3-4', W: 4-41/2'

Hemerocallis 'Belly Button'

An entirely new color for the Daylily garden, this rich shade of russet deepens with subtle red hues in the eyezone, lightening along the extravagantly ruffled edges and turning pure honey-gold in the center. A vigorous semi-evergreen tetraploid that blooms early and repeats generously, its lavish 51/2-inch blooms steal the spotlight with their distinctive color and form. Barefoot. Z 3-9; summer (reblooming); sun/part shade; H: 24", W 18-24"

Nepeta x 'Joanna Reed'

Deep violet-blue blooms with iridescent pink throats bob above grayish-green foliage on this upright, highly floriferous new Catmint, which is a natural cross of N. sibirica x N. faassenii. Named for the Pennsylvania plantswoman who discovered it, 'Joanna Reed' grows very quickly - repeating if cut back promptly - and draws butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden while proving unappetizing to deer and rabbits. A carefree joy at home in any sunny spot. 4-inch pot. Z 3-8; late spring/early fall; sun; H: 3', W: 2'

Papaver 'White Ruffles'

Flowering generously, this introduction from Dutch plantsman Herbert Ousdhoorn brings Oriental Poppies front and center in the sunny perennial border. Far shorter than most older varieties, 'White Ruffles' never needs staking, is reasonably wind-tolerant, and boasts magnificent 4- to 5-inch blooms with deeply serrated edges and a black basal spot. Bareroot. Z 3-7; late spring/early summer; sun; H: 16", W: 18"

Persicaria amplexicaulis 'Pink Elephant'

The time has come to re-evaluate Fleeceflower in the garden! Far from the rangy, free-spreading varieties of the past, this newcomer from Belgian breeder Chris Ghyselen is scarcely more than a foot tall and wide, with elegantly pendant bottlebrush blooms up to 5 inches long. The blue-green foliage remains handsome even during the few months that 'Pink Elephant' is out of bloom. Compact enough for containers, this plant loves moisture and does well at the waterside, preferring afternoon shade in warm climates and flowering ceaselessly over three seasons. Highly recommended. 21/2-inch pot. Z 4-7; late spring/early autumn; sun/part shade; H: 16", W: 15-18"

Astrantia major 'Star of Beauty'

Far more compact than most others, this splendid bloomer offers tricolored flowers, the rich purple-red petals standing out brilliantly against a background of white and pale green. Perfect to cut for fresh or dried arrangements, the flowers are long-lasting and weather-tough. Tuck this little gem into bare spaces at the front of the border, in the meadow or cottage garden, and even in containers for a full season's worth of color. Bareroot. Z 5-9; all summer; sun/part shade; H: 16", W: 12-15"

Chaenomeles 'O Yashima'

A spectacular double-flowered white variety, this Japanese Flowering Quince grows a thick trunk and very dense branching. The flowers are followed by large, showy fruit. Simply unforgettable as a specimen or accent, it is compact enough even for large containers. 4-inch pot. Z 5-9; spring; sun; H: 4-6', W: 4-6'

Campylotropis macrocarpa

One of the best kept secrets of fine gardens, this upright shrub sets masses of 3-inch purple blooms on densely branched stems. Native to Korea and China, it is deciduous, with excellent branching and a generous display of bloom in any sunny site. A distinctive change of pace for the shrub or mixed border, and the ideal size for an informal hedge. 4-inch pot. Z 5-9; mid/late summer; sun; H: 4-5', W: 3-4'

Thalictrum hononense

Easily the darkest-leaved Thalictrum we have ever seen, this species delights with a play of charcoal and burgundy tones near the edges of its leaves and a blaze of ivory up the center. Very showy in the border, it flowers over three months, but the real attraction is its smoky-purple foliage. Rare and hard to find, it is highly recommended. Bareroot. Z 4-7; all summer; part shade; H: 45", W: 24"

Cephalotaxus harringtonia 'Fastigiata'

Shade-loving conifers are rare indeed, and this superb columnar Japanese Plum Yew is a superb find, tolerating any light from nearly complete sun to deep shade. A very slow grower, it adds about 6 inches a year. The new growth is a lovely shade of lime against the very dark green, glossy mature foliage. Left alone by deer, insects, and disease, it is quite drought-tolerant once established and perfectly at home in hot, humid summers. Use it in formal settings, as an accent, or even in containers. Highly recommended. 4-inch pot. Z 6-9; sun/shade; H: 8-10', W: 6-8'

Rose Carefree Spirit™ (cv. 'Melzmea')

Carefree Spirit™ exhibits superb disease resistance, a well-branched habit, and a terrific bloom power. Huge clusters of 2- to 21/2- inch deep cherry red blooms and healthy dark green glossy foliage beautify this Floribunda all summer long. Bred in France at the House of Meilland. 6-inch pot. Z 6b-9b; summer; sun; H: 4-5', W: 3-4'

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