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Greenhouses - Which Type to Buy
by Greta Heinen
June 22, 2008

When buying a greenhouse the most important question is always what do I want to grow. From the answer then the heated environment for their growing needs is decided. Demographic location determines the greenhouse covering.

In a colder climate the most energy efficient greenhouse is a multi-wall polycarbonate or double glazed covering.

There are three types of heated greenhouse environments.

1. Cool or frost free greenhouses maintain a night temperature of 40-45 degrees F (5-7 degrees C). This is suitable for frost sensitive plants and rooted cuttings.

2. Warm greenhouses requires a night temperature of 55 degrees F (13 degrees C). This temperature is suitable for a wider selection of actively growing plants. Growlights are necessary for adequate light conditions in this environment.

3. Hothouse greenhouse temperatures are set at a night temperature of 65 degrees F ( 18 degrees C) Heat and growlights create the natural habitat for tropicals and exotic plants.

Greenhouse owners in Canada and the US, living in areas that have a winter season, all grow plants in one of these heated environments. The cool greenhouse is the most energy efficient for the novice greenhouse gardener.

They take cuttings and winter over stock plants and starting seedlings in the spring.

In a cool greenhouse environment the cooler vegetables such as lettuce, herbs, carrots, potatoes and peppers do very well. Tomatoes and cucumbers are the summer greenhouse crops.

Orchid and specialty growers will require the higher night temperatures.

Because heated environments are necessary for plants to survive the polycarbonate greenhouses are the most energy efficient.

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