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New Pond Product Naturally Controls

Phosphates Without Chemicals
by Press Release
May 11, 2008

Pond Keeper Phosphate Binder Plus is a new product for 2008 that controls phosphates in ponds without chemicals and naturally replaces the need for aluminum sulfate.

Pond Keeper Phosphate Binder Plus, from Natural Environmental Systems, LLC, is a natural pond water treatment used to treat ponds with high phosphate levels usually as a result of fertilizer run-off or high organic waste load. The product is a fine powder containing only natural ingredients that pose no harm to fish or anything else that lives in the water.

The product is mixed as a slurry and applied over the surface of the pond. As it settles through the water column it binds to phosphates and renders them inactive and negating the ability of the phosphate to cause water quality problems. In addition to its phosphate binding abilities, Pond Keeper Phosphate Binder Plus also adds beneficial trace minerals, helps to buffer the pH of the water, assists in the reduction of ammonia and provides minor settling of mud and clay.

Pond Keeper Phosphate Binder Plus is available in 32 oz jars and 55 lb bags. For more information visit  or call 800-999-9345 for Distribution information.

About Natural Environmental Systems, LLC

Natural Environmental Systems is a worldwide supplier of biological products, including Pond Keeper brand pond supplies. The product line consists of multiple pond bacteria products, water conditioners, water clarifiers, pond and lake dyes, phosphate control, barley straw extract, stone and waterfall cleaner and even polished pond stones. The company is also an authorized distributor of GreenClean and GreenClean Pro algaecides, which are fish-safe, non copper-based algae killers.

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