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What! No Denman Island Home and Garden Tour

in 2008?
by John Millen
April 13, 2008

It's true! There will be no Denman Island Home and Garden Tour in 2008. The well-known tour's sponsor, the Denman Conservancy Association, has decided to take 2008 off to refresh the popular tour. If you've been waiting to take the tour, please don't despair! You'll get another chance because the renewed Home and Garden Tour will be back in 2009 and the actual date will be announced well in advance. This event has been going non-stop for 17 years and the Denman Island community is taking a break.

The Denman Island Home and Garden Tour was started so many years ago to raise money for the purchase of the Inner Island Nature Reserve and the Lindsay-Dickson Forest. Many hundreds of volunteers have participated in this fabulous and famous fund-raiser that has attracted thousands of visitors from all over North America and the world. The tour is an important source of funds for projects and purchases of the Denman Conservancy. Currently the Conservancy is raising money to complete the purchase of Central Park, a 147- acre nature reserve.

In January, Denman's usual 50 car ferry the Quinitsa was taken out of service for a refit and replaced by a much smaller ferry; another reason to take this year off, we don't expect the Quinitsa back until mid June.

Watch for further information because next year's Denman Island Home and Garden Tour promises to be an exciting mix of new and returning homes and gardens. The Denman Conservancy Association's website is .


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