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Media Advisory Regarding Plant Names

Monrovia - January 28th, 2008
by Monrovia
February 24, 2008

Please note the following edits/changes on two recent Monrovia plant introductions:

Ever Red™Fringe Flower Loropetalum chinense ‘Chang Nian Hong’

One of our new plants for 2008, the Loropetalum chinense Ever Red, was initially announced as Ever Red Sunset. The word “Sunset” should be dropped and the plant referred to as Ever Red.

Sea of Gold™ Juniper Juniperus x pfitzeriana ‘Monsan’ Sea of Gold PP #17622

A very popular introduction for 2005, the Gold Coast Improved Juniper, was originally named because it was an improvement on the original Juniper Gold Coast. However, due to the confusion created with the similar names, the improved variety is now called Sea of Gold.

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