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Ivy Bonsai selected for Kiku at NY Botanical Garden
by Suzanne Pierot
November 4, 2007

A bonsai created from a 24 year old ivy - Hedera helix ‘Shamrock’ has been selected to be included in the NY Botanical Garden Kiku flower show opening October 20, 2007 - through November 18, 2007. ‘Shamrock’ was selected as Ivy of the Year 2007.

The bonsai belongs to Margareta Limburg of Bedford, New York, a member of the American Ivy Society.

Says Margareta, “Shamrock’ is the ideal ivy to form into a bonsai. Its habit is upright and tight, it is self-branching, and the leaves are a lustrous dark green that reduce in size easily (that is important in bonsais). The new leaves are light green which makes the plant look like it is in sunshine. And it is pretty trouble free; the only pest I have noticed is scale. I check the plant(s) often, and before bringing them inside in the fall, I give them a spraying with horticultural oil.

“ ‘Shamrock is tolerant of many different growing situations: sun or shade, indoor or outdoor; wet or dry. I try to keep my plants in semi-sun and to keep them moist.

“Caring for a bonsai is a little like having a baby in the family. When I am home and have my trees inside, I give them a weekly shower in the kitchen sink. I check them for moisture every day and feed them about once a month in winter, twice as often in the growing season. Bonsai people are pretty particular about what they feed their trees, but I figure the trees don’t really care as long as they get fed, so I used a balanced mix like 5-10-5. Never had a complaint.”

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