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...Colourful difference
January 21, 2007

This trend is eye-catching, looks at things from a different viewpoint, suggests alienation, reflects things symbolically, views things from a new standpoint, and is graphic and whimsical.

The colours in this trend are primarily strong and consist of a pallet of many bright hues in which white plays an important role as a refreshing element.

Accessories used are predominantly whimsical and creative in nature and thus include amusing vases that often symbolise something that they really aren’t.

The gardens in this group are often a reflection of the idea of a garden and/or outdoor space. Symbolism and a whimsical imagination are important in designing an outdoor space.

The flowers we use in this trend have cheerful, eye-catching shapes often reinforced by unique colour gradations or coloured markings. Suggestions are Dahlia ‘Franz Kafka’, Gladiolus colvillei ‘Albus’, Gloriosa, Narcissus ‘Professor Einstein’, Veltheimia bracteata, Tulipa ‘Spring Green’, Lilium ‘Acapulco’ en Tulipa ‘Shirley’.

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