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New Book Release by Des Kennedy
by Des Kennedy
June 10, 2007

The Passionate Gardener

Adventures of an Ardent Green Thumb
By Des Kennedy

An irreverent exploration of the fierce attachment so many people develop to the potty world of peat moss and perennials.

ACTIVE ENVIRONMENTALIST and unrepentant gardener Des Kennedy demonstrates once again his unerring skill with a satirical pitchfork in this lucky collection of thirteen short pieces. The author roams widely and wildly across diverse aspects of the gardening life, examining common idiosyncrasies and the collective chaos of garden clubs as well as the great myths and illusions that underpin the gardener’s passion.

With tongue firmly in cheek, Kennedy sets out the Seven Deadly Sins and Ten Commandments of gardening—only to find there’s considerable room for moral improvement. He ponders the host of psychopathologies that afflict “plants people,” from weather phobias and general anxiety disorders to obsessive-compulsive behavior such as the chronic moving of plants. Amid the horticultural follies associated with dysfunctional garden sprayers, bone meal derived from mad cows, and malodorous urine collection schemes, Kennedy also captures the moments of transcendence and ecstasy that fuel this insatiable passion.

DES KENNEDY has lived for the past thirty-five years with his partner, Sandy, in their hand-hewn home on one of British Columbia’s Gulf Islands. The author of countless magazine pieces and five previous books, Kennedy has also made numerous TV and radio appearances and written for and narrated documentary films.

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