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Christmas Shoppers Rapidly Adopting

Artificial Christmas Trees as Holiday Decoration of Choice
by Balsam Hill
December 17, 2006

A recently conducted poll by Vizu indicates that artificial Christmas trees are surging in popularity in America. The data collected via consumer research shows that 57% of Americans who have trees use an artificial tree, meaning artificial Christmas trees now represent a much larger share of the overall Christmas tree market.

The conclusion was supported by numerous questions involving environmental friendliness and ease of maintenance, among other issues. 54.2% of those polled believe artificial Christmas trees are a more environmentally friendly choice than their natural counterparts, and an overwhelming 70% agree that artificial Christmas trees are easier to maintain.

As far as owning a real tree is concerned, 26% of those polled find vacuuming needles to be the biggest hassle of owning a tree, while 16% hate the task of unbundling and stringing Christmas lights. Transporting and disposing of the trees were cited as big hassles as well, along with removing ornaments from the tree after the holidays.

Asked to comment on the recent preference for artificial trees, Thomas Harman of Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Company noted that he's seen a growing trend in the marketplace over the last few years. "I think people are noticing that real-looking, meticulously crafted trees can be a better experience than the real thing. This year our True Needle trees are on the sets of the Ellen DeGeneres and Megan Mullally Shows and even in the Bill Clinton Presidential Library, and with trees looking this real there is no need to go through the hassle of dealing with a real tree."

As preference for the artificial Christmas tree in the marketplace continues to grow, so does consumer perception about the traditionally tacky holiday option. Over 60% of those polled say they are more likely to purchase one than 10 years ago. Popularity means that the artificial Christmas tree has officially arrived, having gained wide acceptance and credibility, and whether motivated by environment issues, irksome cleanup or the added convenience, consumers are finding reasons to make the switch.

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