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in Christmas Flowers, Wreaths and Garlands this Season
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November 25, 2007

The trend in home decorating and home improvements is carrying over into Christmas flowers and holiday accents. People are spending more time with family and friends in their own homes. Naturally, they want to decorate for the holidays accordingly. Find out how to turn ordinary into extraordinary. It's all about color, texture and making it your own this season.

Festive flowers, wreaths and garlands can add a touch of holiday warmth to any home or business. They're a wonderful way to welcome friends and family. And, with the right special touches, they can transform a room into something really special. What's hot and what's not? You don't have to be a fashion expert. Consult your florist, check out your favorite decorating magazines, and use your common sense. Here's what you should know:

Ordinary is Out

Thinking about a plain pine wreath or skimpy garland with some little red bows? Think again. Plain is definitely taboo. "This year, floral fashion is all about rich textures, new accent colors, and lots of detail," says Don Phillip of Phillip's Flowers and "It's about stretching the boundaries of traditional themes by layering on fresh new perspectives and a touch of personal flair. It's about luxury, ornamentation, and opulence. It's about more, not less." So, let yourself go. You can turn "ordinary" into "extraordinary" with the right materials, colors, and accessories.

Textures are In

Look for a variety of rich textures and natural elements in your holiday decorations, like mixed West Coast evergreens, pine cones of all shapes and sizes, berry sprays, flowers, fruit, branches and other botanicals. Today's choices are almost endless. Don't be surprised by hydrangeas, peonies, and tulips in this year's cutting edge floral designs, as well as poinsettias and roses. "The more varied the textures, the better," says Phillip, "to create a natural sense of depth and visual interest." So, look for more than just the "plain old, same old." Look for textures upon textures.

Color Palettes are Expanding

While traditional red is still the most popular holiday color, a variety of newer fashion colors are being welcomed as accents, and other color palettes are gaining ground, too. You'll see darker reds, crimsons, burgundy, and Bordeaux, as well as combinations of reds and wines. You'll also see greens of almost every shade, from celadon to sage to basil. Browns and black are back as accents. Cinnamon, copper, platinum, and gold are strong, too. Rich reds with fashion color accents will give a fresh new look to this year's holiday decorations. Watch for non-traditional combinations, as well, such as vivid jewel tones, turquoise and copper, reds and black, or gold and platinum combined. "Almost anything goes, when it's tasteful, stylish, and builds on a theme," says Phillip.

According to FTD Design Instructor Tina Stoecker, AIFD, "Another trend we may start to see from Europe this year is black trees highlighted with fashion colors like teals, vibrant blues, and coppers. It's definitely unusual but can really be striking." On the other end of the spectrum, the "Lodge Look" is being reinvented. "It's outdoorsy elegance with very natural looking trees tastefully trimmed with miniature trout, antlers, birds, bears, and the like," says Stoecker. "Baroque themes combining golds, ivories, birds, and pheasant feathers will also be in vogue," she explains. Blues and creams are back, too. Look for seashells combined with blues, ivories, and aqua or metallics accented with pearl and warm blues.

Glitz, Gilding, and Sparkles, Oh My!

Natural looks will always be appropriate at Christmas, but there's definitely a trend toward glitz, gilding, sparkles, and frosting of all kinds. So, look for gilded blossoms, frosted branches, sparkling ornaments, and much more. All that glitters definitely belongs in this year's fashion-forward holiday designs, and there are plenty of choices for everyone's taste and budget.

Setting the Table with Style

When it's time to gather around the table, the focal point should definitely be fresh flowers. But, just like other holiday decorations this season, the textures, colors, and accents will be what makes your Christmas centerpiece really shine. So, don't settle for ordinary. Look for something that reflects your style. And, remember, more is more, this season. Whether velvety red roses, snow-white lilies, or a profusion of mixed fresh blooms, a tasteful design of beautiful flowers with the right textures and accents makes everyone around it feel special and says something very special about you, too.

Make It Beautiful and Make It Your Own

The trend in home decorating and home improvements is carrying over into Christmas flowers and holiday decorations. People are spending more time with family and friends in their own homes. Naturally, they want to decorate for the holidays accordingly. Gone are the days of a single poinsettia. You'll find poinsettias of various sizes and colors in groupings or displayed throughout multiple rooms. There's also a clear trend toward multiple Christmas trees -- such as a whimsical tree in the family room or perhaps a tabletop tree with a different theme in each child's bedroom, as well as a larger, more formal tree in the living room. Ornaments will be everywhere -- on trees, clustered in glass bowls, in centerpieces, and spilling over onto garlands and wreaths, making everything more personal and meaningful.

After all, it's your home and your holiday. So, you should make it beautiful and make it your own. Start with rich textures, add some fresh accent colors, and remember lots of ornaments, accents, or glitz. They're the perfect combination this holiday season for all your Christmas flowers, garlands, wreaths, and decorations to help you celebrate the season with real style.

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