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New Generation of Heucheras

combines strength and sought-after colours
by Miriam Young
January 7, 2007

A range of Heucheras from French plantsman Thierry Delabroye are the latest attention-grabbers in this popular genus. ‘Brownies’, ‘Caramel’, ‘Citronelle’ and ‘Mocha’ are the first examples of plants in the current trends for amber, yellow and black not to sacrifice strength for looks. This is due to them possessing a high proportion of genes from the H. villosa species, giving them the qualities of being large, robust reliable garden plants with large leaves and a late-season (August-October) blooming time with cream flowers.

‘Brownies’ is one of the largest varieties, measuring in at an impressive 16” tall x 20” wide with sprays of cream flowers that rise to 32”. It forms an elegant long-stemmed dome of huge, ruffled, chocolate-brown leaves, which gives more of an impression of a small shrub than a Heuchera! A wonderful shape and colour to add structure to the perennial border. Introduced in 2006.

‘Caramel’ is an outstanding example of the amber colour group. It forms a very dense mound of caramel foliage with purple undersides. Young plants show hints of gold and green, but as they mature the colour deepens to an incredible red-caramel. A much stronger grower compared to those which have preceded it, ‘Caramel’ is a tough cookie that holds its own even when subjected to plenty of sunlight. By all accounts a Heuchera that many have been waiting for! Foliage to 10” tall x 14” wide. Flowers to 24”. Introduced in 2006.

‘Citronelle’ has distinctive lime-yellow foliage which is an incredible foil for many other plants. A mutation of ‘Caramel’, it offers the same dense habit and exceptional strength for its colour. Another plant bound for stardom! Foliage to 10” tall x 14” wide. Flowers to 20”. A new introduction for 2007.

‘Mocha’ is the darkest of the four, with deep brown-black foliage. The result of crossing ‘Brownies’ with darker foliage varieties, it also has enormous leaves and grows to 14” high x 20” wide, forming an imposing mound. Flowers to 70cm. Probably the largest dark-leaved Heuchera on the market! A new introduction for 2007.

‘Caramel’, ‘Citronelle’ and ‘Mocha’ will all be sold from 2007 as Darwin PlantSpotters varieties. Possible retailers are listed on

  • New Eden
  • Kids Garden
  • Plant a Row Grow a Row