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Echinacea - 2007 Plant Introductions

Harvest Moon’, ‘Sundown’ and ‘Twilight’
by Miriam Young
January 7, 2007

The hot Echinacea news for 2007 is the introduction of a further 3 varieties from US breeder Richard Saul’s ‘Big Sky’ series.

‘Harvest Moon’ has large, proud golden-yellow flowers formed from broad, overlapping petals around an orange cone, held on very thick stems. ‘Sundown’ has smaller, intense orange flowers, while ‘Twilight’ has deep rose-red petals around a red cone, making it the reddest Echinacea out there!

These incredibly coloured flowers are fragrant and produced in abundance from well-branched plants, which have been developed though many years of breeding work.

They join 2006 introductions ‘Sunrise’ (yellow), ‘Sunset’ (salmon-orange) in a series of plants which have become the talk of the plant-breeding industry. These departures from the standard purple-pink and white flowers we are used to seeing in Echinacea have been developed by crossing the common garden species E. purpurea with plants from other species which are generally much weaker but offer more colour possibilities. The results are a series of high-quality plants in an astonishing array of colours.

‘Harvest Moon’ reaches a height of 28”. ‘Sundown’ comes in taller at 34”, while ‘Twilight’ is more compact at just 24”. Just perfect for a multi-layered display! All 3 varieties bloom typically between July and September.

‘Harvest Moon’ and ‘Twilight’ will be sold as Darwin PlantSpotters varieties, so will be featured on, which also provides a list of possible retail stockists.


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