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Astilbe Heart and Soul

...2007 Plant Introduction
by Miriam Young
January 21, 2007

A really beautiful and impressive plant, Astilbe ‘Heart and Soul’ features large, fully fluffed plumes of light lavender-pink-pink flowers set off with a subtle blue sheen that creates a very appealing effect. Large petals contribute to the visibility of the sheen, as do low light angles at the start and end of the day which reveal the effect to its best.

Bred by Dutch Astilbe specialist Harrie Verduin, it has A. chinensis in its ancestry, giving it more robust qualities than many others, including increased tolerance for heat, humidity and sun. It also holds up better in transport.

From 2007, Astilbe ‘Heart and Soul’ will be available as a Darwin PlantSpotters variety, so look to for possible retail stockists.

Height: 32”
Blooming: July-August
US hardy zones: 3-8

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