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New Liquid Diet Popular with Plants in 2006
by Press Release
February 26, 2006

The makers of Jobe’s® Fertilizer Spikes have introduced new Jobe’s® Drip Feeders – specially designed self-feeding bottles filled with liquid fertilizer – to the lawn and garden market.

Jobe’s Drip Feeders couldn’t be easier to use. Simply twist off the cap and insert the bottle into soil. Jobe’s Drip Feeder eliminates overfeeding by gradually releasing nutrients into soil for an average of 15 days. When the 1.1 ounce bottle is empty, replace with another feeder.

People need daily nourishment, and so do plants. Gardening research indicates that constant fertilization provides a more uniform nutritional environment for plants than sporadic deluges of excessive nitrogen. Jobe’s Drip Feeders slowly drip a balanced formula of micro and macro nutrients into the soil, enabling plants to grow at optimum rates.

The drip feeders come in three formulas: Jobe’s Drip Feeders for Foliage Plants, Jobe’s Drip Feeders for Flowering Plants and Jobe’s Drip Feeders for Poinsettias and Christmas Cacti. The drip feeders’ low fertilizer concentrations are non-toxic to children and pets.


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